Breaking: No cuts / mutes in Mersal


Breaking: No cuts / mutes in Mersal

No cuts / mutes in Mersal

Everyone knows about the raging controversy surrounding Mersal following demands by the BJP (national and state) to remove scenes talking about the high GST and demonetization in India. There were reports that the producers were even willing to edit off the scenes under scrutiny, following heavy political pressure. This is the biggest news item since the past few days with all political parties throwing their hat in the ring with opinions.


Now the producer of Mersal, Hema Rukmani has tweeted that no scene will be cut and no dialog will be muted. This news has come as a big relief for fans and supporters of Vijay and Mersal. Looks like this issue isn't going to end anytime soon. We have to see how the opposing side reacts to this 'no cuts' stance of the producers. In the meanwhile, the boxoffice rage shall continue!

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