Thupparivaalan (U/A)
14/Sep/2017 Crime, Drama 2hrs

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Critics: 11 Panel: 7 User: 644

Overall: 3.8 from 662 users

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Synopsis: Thupparivaalan is an upcoming Indian action thriller film written and directed by Mysskin. The film is produced by Vishal, who also stars in the lead role.


Production Vishal
Music Director
Cinematographer Karthik Venkatraman
Writer Mysskin

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A well etched out detective thriller with enough suspense to engage you throughout

We know Mysskin films are emotion driven and he really stamps his class when he perfectly knits a clever crime plot along with an impactful sentimental subplot. But Mysskin has tried his hands on a full-on commercial film here. It is more on suspense and less on emotional quotient.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3/5)

Thupparivaalan: Not only thrills us, but also makes us feel.

Mysskin also makes us empathise, even if only for a few moments, even with the villains. And the death of a major character is presented in a heartbreaking way (Arrol Corelli's violin-dominated score is one of the film's highlights). What sets Thupparivaalan apart is how it not only thrills us but also makes us feel, and that is Mysskin's triumph.

by - Times Of India

Rating (3.5/5)


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    Maardhav Anand

    This movie was a very fun time for me..I enjoyed it for what it actually was, there were many moments where I absolutely adore. I'm not going to tell those moments obviously because there are many people out there who has not seen it. This is definitely not exactly like Sherlock Holmes, something similar but better that Sherlock Holmes to be honest. It was an amazing thriller, case-solving-mystery movie, this movie was so good because one clue led to another clue to solve a mystery-case. It was shot so well, the screenplay was absolutely fantabulous. Vishal, himself was astounishing in this movie, his acting was absolutely fantastic & the others like "Prasanna" & "Vinay Rai" could have been on screen more, they're acting was really good as well especially "Vinay Rai" acting as a villain was fit for him. Prasanna was amazing, they could have given him more screen space. This would definitely be  in my Top 5 favourite tamil movies of all time. My rating is **4/5** 


    Mohan Jeevanantham

    Well made script by myskkin.....
    He steal the show 
    Vishal long n gud comeback 
    Vishal need to do more good movies......