Dilwale Review: we deserve better

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Dec/2015

Dilwale Review: we deserve better

Dilwale Review : we deserve better

Ameet Bhuvan

It is criminal to have a pair of the calibre of SRK and Kajol in a film and end up making a movie worse than an eighty's potboiler. What is worse is when the pair themselves knowingly degrade and insult their chemistry and pairing in a film as insipid as this. Dilwale , riding solely on SRK Kajol magic, has nothing more than spoofs of what they did ages ago.


Raj and meera are rival gang heirs who fall in love. A misunderstanding separate the two. Their siblings years later fall on love and unknowing of the past try to get the couple back. Added into this is Rohit shetty brand of crashing smashing cars and juvenile comic sequences based on Whatsapp forwards.


This formula has worked in the past pretty well for the director , in Chennai Express he even managed to get SRK to lighten up and have some fun after a long time. Yet romance is not something shetty can pull off and that is his undoing in this film.


To see the magical pair wear yuppie college kid clothes sitting in a park in Bulgaria talking of telling each others families about their affair is not just stupid but also insulting to the pair and their charisma . At fifty , Srk and closer to him Kajol deserve a script that uses them maturely. All they have here are silly lines and random insipid songs to serenade each other in.


A missing script and plot males things worse. So do the horrendous music track by Preetam with not one hummable memorable track. The only saving grace is that both SRK and Kajol try to bring some sense to their parts, are good actors clearly stuck with a horrible film.


Dilwale was more deserving of the second lead, varun and kriti. Both seem comfortable in the genre of visual excess and intellectual depravity. If you are drawn to the elder pairs magic, go watch the theatrical re run of ddlj on now across screens. This one is sheer waste of time.


Rating : 2/5.

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