Naan E(Eega) is a must watch- Visitor Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Jul/2012

Naan E(Eega) is a must watch- Visitor Review

Naan E is a Must Watch - Visitor Review

by Bharath Vijayakumar

S.S.Rajamouli the maverick filmmaker from Tollywood hits the bulls eye once again with his first bilingual Naan E (Eega in Telugu). The plot of Naan E is something that can easily be written off as silly. But most fantasy flicks have only a thin line. It is the execution that matters. Naan E comes out with flying colours on that count. We have often been blown away by the special effects used in science fiction and fantasy flicks from Hollywood. The VFX  in Naan E is certainly one of the best, if not the best in Indian Cinema so far.


Plot and Star cast

The plot which was already revealed in the pre release promos is about how the hero reincarnates as a housefly and safeguards his ladylove from the bad guy. Rajamouli wastes no time in extras and gets into storytelling mode immediately after the starting credits. Naani in a role that is almost a cameo is charming and stays in your mind throughout the length of the film. Samantha is cute, lovable and carries herself gracefully as the simple girl next door. But it is Sudeep as the cold blooded and mean villain who is the scene stealer. In a role that requires him to be menacing as well as comical at times, Sudeep delivers big time. The fact that he should have actually performed mono acting most of the time adds credence to his performance.


Technical Team

Keeravani's songs and BGM in particular is an asset for Naan E. The type of BGM he has used is normally reserved for the superstars. It is one of the reasons that you see the audience routing for the protagonist (housefly) and bursting into raptures every time it makes Sudeep bite the dust. Cameraman Senthilkumar and the entire technical team of the film deserve the maximum praise. So believable is their work that the housefly actually looks like another actor that is emoting on screen!


Despite belonging to the fantasy genre, logic and detailing have been given due importance. The heroine being a micro artist and that she communicates with the differently abled persons through sign language lend a sense of believability to the latter half where she helps the hero(housefly).The way the director has used Santhanam and 'Crazy' Mohan towards the end credits is another example of his shrewdness. Naan E is a movie that is likely to be watched by a lot of kids. Hence a special thanks to Rajamouli for doing away with double entendres, toilet humour and item numbers that are omnipresent in today's commercial cinema. There is not a single scene in the movie where you might cringe in discomfort.



Rajamouli's Naan E is a triumph of imagination. It is a neat and complete family entertainer. The next time you see a housefly you are sure to be reminded of the movie and therein lies Rajamouli's success. This housefly is sure to keep the box office buzzing for a long time.


Verdict: Must Watch! 

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