Dishoom Movie Review - All swag no substance

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Jul/2016

Dishoom Movie Review - All swag no substance

Dishoom Movie Review - All swag no substance

Ameet Bhuvan

There is a star cricketer from the Indian National team missing before a crucial match yet the cops entrusted with finding him in a 36 hours chase have the time to slip into their swimwear and strut around swgging it out like no ones business. A drug addict on the rehab trail has skills of a military assasin. A paunchy out of work hero is back as a villain, and then there is the mother of all man buns making a special appearance on Akshay kumars head. So much is off the kilt with Rohit Dhawan's Dishoom that if it weren't for the over dose of swagger and style, the film would have been unbearable. Not to say it isn't now, but then hey, at least there is some fun to be had!


Dishoom paces itself fast, thankfully, has a good sprinkling og street side smart assery that comes easily to Varun Dhawan. A few good songs here, a lot of good bodies all over and Rohit Dhawan is good to go in his attempt to establish himself as this era's David Dhawan. Whoa that was confusing aint it? Well so is the film.


Action capers like this neednt always be rooted in sense and logic, yet Dishoom takes taking cinematic liberties too seriosuly. So as long as physics, gravity or common sense do not come in your way, the costlist stunt scene in the land - a weird unnecessary helicopter chase- will get your attention. So will all the bromance on display and of course Parineeti Chopra and her newly found Abs.


Dishoom is all swagger and no substance. Expect nothing more and you might come out humming a tune or more.


Rating: 2/5

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