Maaveran Kittu Review - A typical but engrossing drama on caste discrimination

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Dec/2016

Maaveran Kittu Review - A typical but engrossing drama on caste discrimination

Maaveran Kittu Review – A typical but engrossing drama on caste discrimination!!!

Suseenthiran never shies away from showing the ugly side of caste supremacy. Even in his debut sports flick Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu there was a segment that dealt with this. He went full throttle with Jeeva. With Maaveran Kittu he goes to the 80s. While Jeeva was about not being given a chance to show your potential, this film goes to a place and a period where even the basic rights had to be got through a revolution.



Set in the 80s it is about 2 men who stand up for the rights of the discriminated.



Vishnu Vishal is good in these quiet but intense roles and he always seems to be a better actor with Suseenthiran at the helm. He continues to choose scripts where there are equally if not more prominent roles for other actors. Parthiepan gets a meaty role and he carries it with ease. The character does remain quite stagnant through the film in the sense it goes through the same emotions.




Suseenthiran is a good storyteller and he has the knack of holding the interest of the audience. Most of the first half of Maaveran Kittu travels on expected lines but we are hooked to the screen. We feel a part of the action, thanks to all the realistic performances and Imman's BGM. The film is quite intense and Suseenthiran for the first time has completely avoided comedy. The happenings look extremely authentic. Sickle wielding men are kept to a minimum and almost no blood is shown on screen. The entire second half relies entirely on one basic idea and things do not really move as we approach the climax. Two back to back romantic songs do not help either. The villains again are one noted. Whenever they are shown it is about them spewing venom or planning a pitfall against the weaker section of the society. We really do not get to know what else they really do. The lip sync is missed at very few occasions but we wonder why. Were the dialogues changed later during the dubbing? Do you really need to show elephants and snakes in the form of amateurishly looking VFX, particularly when they really do not add on to anything?



Maaveran Kittu is an intense film that keeps you engrossed. But it is quite an irony that the first half which is quite straightforward holds more interest than the later half which actually has a very interesting crux.


Ratings: 3.25/5

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