Dhuruvangal 16 Review - An assured debut that leaves you in awe

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Dec/2016

Dhuruvangal 16 Review - An assured debut that leaves you in awe

Dhuruvangal 16 – An assured debut that leaves you in awe 

Bharath Vijayakumar

One look at the trailer of Dhuruvangal 16 (D16) and you would be rest assured that the film is from a team that means business. But these days trailers and promotions are given more prominence than the film itself and many a time you do end up disappointed with the final product. Thankfully D16 is anything but a disappointment. This debut vehicle of Karthick Naren is one of the most satisfying experiences you would have at a movie hall.



A retired police officer recalls an unfinished case that had turned his life upside down.


Narrated through the viewpoint of Rahman, D16 throws various possibilities, imaginations and actual events in a medley that has us hooked right through. The almost entirely new cast is one of the best things to happen to this film. The suspects, the police, the eyewitness – you only see characters. The atmosphere that the technical team have set up is bloody brilliant. D16 keeps throwing surprises and twists at every given opportunity. But this is a film where these twists are seamlessly woven in the plot and is a much needed relief from the routine crop of movies where a plot is developed around these twists. The film is tightly packed and the plot unveils right from the first frame. There is not a second that is redundant. There is no build up before the interval and this film does not need one. Such assured storytelling from a 21 year old debutant is mind boggling. There is always a tendency to encourage someone who is so young but no glory would be robbed of this film even if it were to be directed by a veteran. The Achilles heel for most murder mysteries is the last act which look forced in an attempt to manufacture one last 'wow' response. D16 too has us going 'wow' but it is the seamlessness that raises this film several notches above.

There is one unanswered question though about the final reveal which has a logical loophole. But this cannot be discussed without acting as a spoiler. <Spoiler alert>: How was Deepak unaware of what happened to Gautham after the accident or if he was aware the climax does seem a little far fetched. <Spoiler Alert>



A brilliant investigative thriller that could cause you some back ache if you aren't used to sitting upright for 105 minutes.

Rating: 3.75/5

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