Bairavaa gets trimmed by 6 minutes

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Jan/2017

Bairavaa gets trimmed by 6 minutes

Bairavaa gets trimmed by 6 minutes

Amid huge expectations, Bairavaa starring Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Sija Rose hit theatre screens on January 12, 2017 as a Pongal treat for the lead actor's fans. The film has gotten a good opening thanks to the festive season. It received positive to mixed reviews from the audience. 

Based on the feedback received for the film so far, the makers have trimmed the film by 6 minutes. The running time of the film now will be 2 hours 42 minutes. The trimmed version has been screened on all digital screens since January 15, 2017. 

The makers have removed a talkie portion featuring comic actor Satish from the first half of the movie. This portion had earlier featured before the intro song of the film. The second half trimming totals upto a whole 5 minutes. This includes bike scenes after rescuing Keerthy Suresh, abusive scenes involving the doctor, an IT raid portion where Vijay is asked to move the old ambassador car and pull out the money and Sijo Rose's dialogue where there is a reference of Bairavaamoorthy. 

Firected by BharathanBairavaa and has music by Santosh Narayanan and has been produced by Vijaya Vauhini Studios.

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