Sathya Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Sep/2017

Sathya Songs - Music Review

Sathya Songs - Music Review

Ramesh Kannan

Sathya is an upcoming crime thriller movie directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy with Sibi Sathyaraj, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Remya Nambeesan in the lead roles. SImon K King scores music for the film after his promising debut in 555. Let's check out how well his third outing panned out.


Kadhal Project: Kadhal Project's main drawback is the tune treading on the familiar territory as well as quite an uninspiring tune despite being an energetic one and sung sprightly by Benny Dayal. However, composer made the other elements in the song interesting with Keerthana Vaidyanath's classical tinges and splendid drums and solo violin by Vasanth David and Akshay Ganesh respectively.


Yavvana: Yavvana is the brilliant stuff from the composer, semi-classical melody build upon the rock base with brilliant Kalyani Nair showcasing her prowess while surprisingly Yazin Nizar sounds off track in the pallavi portions. Composer's stupendous arrangements with Vasanth David ‘s drums and Vikram's Tabla make this track best in the soundtrack


Sangu: Sangu is the generic high octane rock track and the tune hardly turns into an interesting zone while the inclusion of Kuthu in the grungy rock track doesn't help the song much either. Godfrey Immanuel's guitar work being the solo highlight in this track. The song's area version has the same arrangements with Karky's lyrics replaced by Rokesh but that doesn't make the track better one.


Yavvana (Reprise Version): Yavvana's reprise version gains a lot from the beautiful semi classical melody and the minimal arrangements add charm to its allure. The melancholic version of the same tune works exceptionally mainly mainly for the Keerthana Vaidyanathan's earnest vocals and decent support by Yazin Nizar. Srivatsa's woodwinds set the mood of the song perfectly in the interludes.


In Search for Sathya: Simon King ends the soundtrack with the brilliant In search of Satya theme and the santoor touches is the absolute highlight apart from the curious mood set by the string sections. Overall, fitting theme track for the crime thriller.



Simon K  King's third album is the most promising work from the composer with ample support from the lead singers.



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