Mannar Vagaiyara Review - Pure Intra Caste Love

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jan/2018

Mannar Vagaiyara Review - Pure Intra Caste Love

There is a scene in Mannar Vagaiyara where Robo Shankar refers to his character name including the surname denoting his caste. He is questioned by another character as to why he retains his caste identity even in this time and age. (This question should be appropriate to this film too that is caught in a time warp). He replies that when people from other states like Shilpa Shetty, Lakshmi Menon, etc can do it, why shouldn't he do the same in his mother state? I expected the hero who was by his side at this point to advice him . But he was approvingly nodding. What a time to release this film on the occasion of the 69th Republic Day of India!



The hero then falls in love and problems arise. At this point I thought maybe I came to a wrong conclusion a little too soon and the film may proceed to show the couple as belonging to different castes and show love overcoming caste. But heck no! The problems were other silly issues and as a kick on my back there was a dialogue by one of the parents as follows - Why should we oppose this marriage? They too are 'our' people. I really hope that such films in the future have exclusive screenings to 'their' people based on whom they are referring to.



There is nothing much else to write about the movie or the plot which is an excuse to bombard us with poor comedy, outdated scenes and songs/fights that force us to resort to meddling with our mobiles. Few comedy scenes work and that is pretty much the saving grace along with the performances of Prabhu, Jayaprakash and Saranya Ponvannan (nothing great but they do lend some credibility). The film runs on these lines. The villain does few things because he is the villain and not because it makes any sense. Towards the climax everything falls into place and everyone becomes good - the only reason being that we have come to the end of the film.




One of the songs has been penned by the director and it is conveyed to us on screen by these words - 'Kattaaya Kavignar Boopathy Pandian' implying that he was forced to write the song. I too was sailing on the same boat. I had to challenge myself constantly to watch the full movie because I had to write something on it. This one is a 'Kattaaya Review by Bharath'.


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