Irumbu Thirai Review - Worthwhile mainstream thriller!

PUBLISHED DATE : 11/May/2018

Irumbu Thirai Review - Worthwhile mainstream thriller!

Irumbu Thirai Review - Worthwhile mainstream thriller!

Bharath Vijayakumar

It is always pleasant when a mainstream actioner respects the intelligence of the audience. It is akin to watching a copy book straight drive in a T20 where slogging is the order of the day. Debutant Mithran delivers a crowd pleasing film but the good news is that he does it with substance.


Our heroes find the need to keep delivering messages in films. Irumbu Thirai tackles a topical theme but the packaging is good and save a dialogue or two it steers away from the sermonising tone that these films easily slip into. The start is a little shaky with some silly humour but once the main plot takes centre stage, Mithran is in firm control over the proceedings. The trailer did give away that the film deals with cyber crime and the same is established at the very start of the film. But the way the events unfold in the first half with the hero gradually falling prey to a scrupulous network is nicely done. There is no rush and the impetus given to establish the need for the hero to fall into the trap is some very good writing. It never feels like he is the hero and so it is bound to happen to him.


The most impressive aspect of the film for me was the vulnerability of the protagonist. At the start when he speaks about farmers and bank loans I was a bit skeptical as to whether this could be a film where the hero is going to try to establish his political aspirations. But that does not happen and it was pleasantly surprising to see how the character was sketched with few blemishes. For starters, his relationship with his father is an example. At first we see things through him and then we get to see the other POV. It is good to see Vishal pick a role where he actually is at the receiving end from the villain most of the time. I also liked how the military angle was not blown out of proportion and the hero for the most part operates like a common man.


Arjun just aces the villain part. It is not a performance heavy role but the actor owns it with his style. Given that the film is about how we have so many unknown eyes watching us, it is a clever decision of the director  to introduce him at the start and then have limited screen-time for him. The start establishes his might and we feel the danger despite his absence on screen. Delhi Ganesh makes a mark in a sentimental role and he plays it in a subtle manner. In fact most of the emotional scenes in the film never go overboard.


The technical crew has done a commendable job. The stunt sequences are crsip and neat.George ensures a rather slick look but the style quotient never becomes jarring. Yuvan's BGM keeps the proceedings extremely lively. The second half tends to stretch for a bit but things do fall back quickly in a climax that does not put its villain down. Another winning note from Mithran.




Irumbu Thirai is the kind of action film that we hope to see more often on screen. Mithran delivers a winner with minimal commercial compromises.


Rating: 3.25/5

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