Gully Boy Songs - Music Review: A Decade Defining Soundtrack!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jan/2019

Gully Boy Songs - Music Review: A Decade Defining Soundtrack!

Gully Boy Songs - Music Review: A Decade Defining Soundtrack!

Suhansid Srikanth


Every five years.. or sometimes even, once in every decade, you get a soundtrack that kicks off all the clichés, all the stereotypes, formulas, patterns, lyrical gimmicks and set the standard way up. There was DevD earlier. There was Rockstar in 2011. And here.. Now.. Gullyboy is one such! An album of 18 numbers (with 7 tracks sung by Ranveer himself) with all being a fiery eruption on their very own way! The package is beyond what you call 'insane'.



Asli Hip Hop opens the album. Pitched like a verbal competition between two gang of hip-hoppers.. the song talks about the artistry, conviction and guts that goes into the Hip-Hop culture. The gang ambience beneath the vocals adds so much nuances to the song on the whole.


Mere Gully Mein, a breakthrough song is breathtakingly rearranged and reenacted from the original. Ranveer's rapping skills are insane. The song sings off the love and pride they share for their gully. And.. You should check out the visuals to see how Zoya has pulled off a terrific job in this film! It really lives up to the hype, culture and glory of the genre!


Doori Poem and Doori are my favorites among the lots in the album. The raw version is even more intense. The looping beats that embraces the interludes have this sense of hope and despair blended in.


Train Song, unwinding like a Hindustani folklore is sung by Raghu Dixit and Karsh Kale. The free whirling indieness of the song sets you free. The chorus choir at the end arousingly compliments the dhadakness of the hitting beats and the folky rendition.


Jingostan Beatbox, a campaign call number that we kind of hear amidst protests and rallies.. is rendered by Dub Sharma. There is a raw version as well (Jingosthan). Lyrics are dope on their own when it goes '2018 hai desh ko katra hai' and 'Jor se chillaao.. Sab ko daraao..'!


Sher Aaya Sher, probably a song that might mark the rise of a career is all about this new hero, a lion in the game.. who is marking his stamp. A furious rap that's embedded with gems like "Asal rap ka ye jwaalaa.. Tere aatma mein jagaadi!"


There are few poems as well lingered with a gentle, subtle music. While Jahaan Tu Chala is a beautiful piece of poetry about the mundaneness of life and routines rendered by Jasleen Royal.. Kab Se Kab Tak, by Ranveer and Vibha Saraf, is a meticulously flirting love number! Ek hee Raasta, another poem about the path and destiny in the journey of an artist, rendered by Ranveer.


Azaadi, the raging rap asking, demanding the freedom was the famous protest number during the times of Justice for Nirbhaya campaign and all is retained with few changes. The song talks of a generation that don't want to be a slumdog millionaire but a slumdog with a mission to the question! The public chorus that opens and closes the song adds even more colour to it.


Kaam Bhaari by Kaam Bhaari is a rap that has a mood on its own. The music swiftly rises up to this peaking rap track about a rapper and things that mean to him!


Apna Time Aayega, which has turned into the face of the soundtrack and the film itself is sung by Ranveer himself. The repeating 'Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai.. Kya ghanta lekar jaayega?' is sheer LITMAX!


Jeene Mein Aaye Mazaa, by Ankur Tiwari is a beautiful ode to the 60s, 70s Bollywood. It reminds you a lot of Kishore Kumar and Raj Kapoor days. So does the music that leaps in by the interludes. Ankur's rendition caressingly covers the magic this life is!


Then there is Gham Mein Khushi Hai, an agonistic rap number and Goriye, which is probably the only outlandish track in this ensemble.. a very typical Desi upbeat Bollywood number! In a parallel world, put this in a film that stars Kartik Aaryan, you have a viral YouTube sensation!


India 91, is a phenomenal closure for the riot of the soundtrack this is! The carnatic beats brimming with rap and hip-hop is crazy. And one can't wait to witness how Zoya brings this on screen!

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