Movies This Week: ToLet, LKG emerge on top!

PUBLISHED DATE : 25/Feb/2019

Movies This Week: ToLet, LKG emerge on top!

Tamil movies have performed the best among the new releases this week and here is a detailed look into the choices this time:

  • ToLet (Tamil): The National award winning film of 2018 had a release in theaters of Chennai recently and the film has made an impact as a worthy watch too. The movie  which is set in 2007, is about a family of three trying to house-hunt in the IT boom era which also came with inflated prices (Review Here)

  • LKG (Tamil): A political satire written and acted in by RJ Balaji, LKG has emerged as one of the better movies this week. The film which is about a street-smart small time politician rising to the level of a Chief Minister comes with a crisp rum time and a considerable amount of laughs.(Review Here)
  • Kanne Kalaimaane (Tamil)A rural drama with the romance of a farmer and a manager at the fore-front, Kanne Kalaimaane makes for a soothing watch for everything about the movie is as subtle as they come. The climax is something to look forward to in the movie. (Review Here)

  • NTR Mahanayakudu (Telugu)A month into part 1 of the biopic of legendary Telugu actor, filmmaker and ex-Chief Minister Late Taraka Rama Rao Nandamuri, comes part 2 and it seems to have done as good if not more. The movie's critics have deemed it an average film and mostly agree that it doesn't divulge what made the late NTR 'Mahanayakudu'. 

  • Total Dhamaal (Hindi)The third movie in the Dhamaal franchise, Total Dhamaal is about a group of people trying to get their hands on an hidden amount of Rs. 50 Crore. The film has very little to offer other than the laughs induced by the Anil Kapoor - Madhuri Dixit pair.

  • Mr. & Ms. Rowdy (Malayalam): A tale of accidental gangsters and a girl that comes into their lives, Mr. & Ms. Rowdy has been deemed worthy of a one time watch for the film has a screenplay decent enough to keep you engaged. (Review Here)

  • Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel (Malayalam)A story of a lawyer who has a condition of stammering and exudes low self confidence because of the same, this Dileep starrer has opened to mixed reactions for the movie does not come as good a thriller as it intended to be.
Also in theaters this week are Arandavanukku Irundathellam Pei (Tamil) which is a horror comedy and Pettikadai (Tamil) which is about a doctor fighting against online supermarkets in a rural backdrop.

MC Pick: ToLet, LKG

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