Atharvaa juggles Water Scarcity & Face Transplantation in Boomerang New Trailer

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Mar/2019


In the press meet that took place over the weekend, actor Atharvaa had this to say about his upcoming film:

“Boomerang will be a socially responsible film. We have given a solution from our side for the water scarcity and how we should inter-link rivers..The film title Boomerang denotes 'karma'. Whatever we do, it will eventually return to us. The film will not have a preachy tone..Working in the film, I also got to know a lot of things about face transplantation." 

From the first trailer and the promos of the film, we knew that Atharvaa was undergoing face transplantation at some point in the film and this newly released trailer may have given us a clue why he undergoes it.

From the videos, we get that the hero and his group of friends whom this society terms 'Facebook Activists' come up with a solution to end water scarcity for farmers and take it in their own hands to implement it as well. 

But when things go South, Atharvaa ends up in a situation where he needs face transplantation and this part is shown in detail in the movie. (Trailer 1 shows a faceless Atharvaa while Trailer 2 shows him with a stitched up face). 

Boomerang directed by R. Kannan hits theater screens March 8, 2019. The film also stars Megha Akash, Indhuja, RJ Balaji among others and has Radhan for music. 

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