Movies This Week: Badla, Captain Marvel save an otherwise average show

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Mar/2019

Movies This Week: Badla, Captain Marvel save an otherwise average show

To sum this week's film releases as an average show would not be a stretch for even films like Boomerang (Tamil), Badla (Hindi) and Captain Marvel (English) which had expectations riding high have not impressed if not disappointed. A detailed look into the options in movie theaters this week:

  • Boomerang (Tamil)With a story involving a mistaken identity, face swap and a social cause, Boomerang makes for an interesting watch but the way the story is told serves as a dampener. The Atharvaa, Megha Akash, Satish, Induja and RJ Balaji stareer has not lived upto expectations. (Review Here)


  • Sathru (Tamil)The story of a police officer trying to bust a gang involved in kidnapping of children, Sathru makes for a decent watch. However, the film's predictability and lack of an emotional connect has pegged the film at just about average. (Review Here)


  • Captain Marvel (English): The first female superhero movie from Marvel is set in 1995 and is about an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who shifts between fighting for her people against the villains and digging her past connection to U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. The movie has been unanimously accepted as an interesting origin story from MCU. 


  • Badla (Hindi)Despite being a frame to frame remake, Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu starrer Badla is the best this week has to offer and is a must watch in theaters if you haven't already watched the original. The edge-of-the-seat thriller has raked a whopping 65% in our movie rating aggregator.


Other fresh releases available to watch in theaters of Tamil Nadu are Bharath starrer Pottu (Tamil), Kabilavasthu (Tamil) which is a drama about platform dwellerand the Malayalam film Ormma.

Daivam Sakshi (Malayalam) which is about a father trying to support his son's dreams and June (Review Here) which follows the life story of a girl from 16 years of her age to 26 are the releases from previous weeks available in theaters of TN now.

MC Pick: Captain Marvel, Badla

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