Movies This Week: Super Deluxe, Us, Lucifer take top spots

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Mar/2019

Movies This Week: Super Deluxe, Us, Lucifer take top spots

Non-masala films took a front seat this week as content and emotions ruled pan languages in new movie releases. A look into which one of these fared well and which ones didn't.
  • Airaa: A horror drama with Nayanthara in dual roles, Airaa follows the common point of a series of murders and a haunted house in two different places. The movie has opened to mixed reactions and stands with a rating aggregate of 50% in our listings. (Review Here)

  • Super Deluxe: Director Thiagarajan Kumaraja has made a comeback with his unique story-telling and the film has lived upto every hype surrounding the director's name. The movie with the highest ratings this week, this Vijay Sethupathi, Samantha starrer makes it to the top of our recommended films to watch this weekend. (Review Here & Here)


  • Dumbo (English)The classic animated story of a baby elephant learning to fly with its large ears has been brought back, only this time in live action plus CGI. The movie can be watched once for its underage content.

  • Us  (English)After his impressive directorial Get Out (2017), actor-director Jordan Peele is back with another horror fest with Star Wars, Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong'o. The movie which involves doppleganger ghosts has opened to rave reviews and is not to be missed in theaters this weekend.

  • The Least of These  (English): An Indo-western movie worth giving a shot, The Least of These is based on the 1999 mob murder of an Australian missionary named Graham Staines and his two children in India. The movie addresses the events surrounding religious conversions that lead to the heinous hate crime.

  • Junglee  (Hindi): The story of how a veterinary doctor saves elephants from poachers is what Junglee is all about. The Vidyut Jawal starrer has not had too many favourable reviews since opening. 

  • Lakshmi's NTR  (Telugu)After a 2 part biopic on NTR, Telugu cinema saw the release of one more story on the late actor-politician titled Lakshmi's NTR. The Ram Gopal Varma directed film unfortunately opened to unanimous negative reviews and the audience response hasn't been great either.

  • Lucifer  (Malayalam)The war for power between a distant successor and a trusted aide of a fallen Chief Minister forms the story of Lucifer which has Mohanlal playing the trusted aide. The movie has been hailed 'massy and classy' by Mohanlal fans and deemed favourable by critics too.  



Other new releases in theaters this week are the animated film Dragon Ball Super: Broly (English), Notebook (Hindi) which is the story of a teacher finding his way in the chaotic kashmir, Shweta Tripati starrer Gone Kesh (Hindi) which revolves around a cancer laden girl, Ram Ki Janmabhoomi (Hindi) and Niharika Konidela starrer Suryakantham (Telugu).

Mc Pick: Super Deluxe, Lucifer, US

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