Jersey - A Heart Wrenching Sports Drama with Loads of Love and Emotions

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/Apr/2019

Jersey - A Heart Wrenching Sports Drama with Loads of Love and Emotions

Jersey Review - A Heart Wrenching Sports Drama with Loads of Love and Emotions

Suhansid Srikanth

Gowtham Tinnanuri's Jersey is everything you expect out of a sports film yet the presentation and the emotional chord it hits is stupendous. Like every sports film, there is a failed sportsman returning to his game. There is a family that struggles to understand him. There is an ego clash inside his team. There is an adrenalin rushing last match to be won. But the success of this film is in the way it gets to those moments! The narration is organic! The performances are real! And the story has all the life!



With hardly any major conflict kicking in, Jersey progresses with raging momentum. The matches that come as a part of the story builds the much needed highs for the film. And despite how we all knew how the last match of a sports film would be.. the one here is excellently executed. From how it is shot to how it is edited.. it really keeps you nail biting!


Nani delivers one of his career best performance as Arjun. There are several moments where he scores big time with his expressions. He literally looks like two different persons in the past and present. The effortless despair he brings in his face as a failed cricketer is hearteningly real! Whether when he slaps his kid for the first time or when he gets angry with his wife for the first time or when he reunites with his wife after years.. he really plays it as the character shredding every shade of the star or the actor he is!


Part of the magic in the film lies with the beautifully written portions between Arjun and Sara (Shraddha Srinath). Be it the yesteryear romance that comes as vignettes then and there or the present, disturbed marital relationship they share.. there is so much realism on screen. It is an absolute delight to watch an actress like Shraddha to perform! She so buys in the role and convince you with every word she speaks!


Also, huge shoutout to Ronit Kamra who plays Nani, son of Arjun and Sara. With an adorably earthy performance, the kid is so lively and real that you get invested in Arjun's desperate want to buy him a jersey! I loved the moment when he boyishly brushes away the topic when his friend tells him that he keeps hearing about his father everywhere and later blushes with abundant pride and happiness!


There are several interestingly written characters. Like the girlfriend of another sportsman who comes to cheerup her boyfriend. The trio shares a beautiful equation among them! And a burst of a scene later! Sathyaraj is shining as always as one who backs up Arjun and be there for him as the moral and emotional support he needs.


Sanu Varghese's vibrant paletted cinematography beautifully compliments the flavour and mood of the film! Anirudh is in super form as well both with his soundtrack and the background score. Navin Nooli's editing stamps a mark in pushing the narrative seamlessly flowing! The technical support balanced with subtlety and emotions makes the film a cut-through entertainer all the way!


Had it been a better film if the physical sickness act is doesn't pushed much? May be! But at the end, when the grown up Nani opens the gift box given to him by BCCI.. you forget all the flaws and gets sold in the moment of love and joy triumphing over each other!



Nani starrer 'Jersey' is a heart warming sports drama that lovingly blends the genre and human emotions!


Rating : 4/5

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