Oh Baby Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Jun/2019

Oh Baby Songs - Music Review

Oh Baby is an upcoming Telugu fantasy drama based on the Korean drama Miss Granny with Samantha Akkineni, Naga Shourya and Lakshmi in the lead. Mickey J Meyer scores music for the film. Let's checkout whether the composer able to churn out the frolicking soundtrack for this fantasy drama or not.


Oh Baby: The title song has the splash of retro Jazz with ample support from Nathan Bray's trumpet solos and the frolic tune is aced by Mickey J Meyer's current favourite Anurag Kulkarni. Lakshmi Bhupala's lyrics bring out the attributes of the protagonist Baby effectually. Overall fun start to the album by the composer.


Changu Bala's tune has Mickey J Meyer's signature all over it with the tinge of folk and contemporary sounds mixed and the composer delivers an enjoyable song. The start of the song indicates the tribute to Ganesha but following lyrics by Bhaskarabatla sounds totally different from the English lyrics. Nutana Mohan aces the rendition and the punchy rhythm base along with the fabulous keyboard in the interludes by the composer himself elevates the song.


Aakasam Lona: Mickey J Meyer easily scores in the melancholy Aakasam Lona and the composer's soaring arrangements punctuated by string sections and keyboards gel well with the earnest singing by Nutana Mohan once again. Lakshmi Bhupala affecting lyrics which goes as khusalamadige..manishi lekha..oopirundho ledho emphasize the overall tone of the song.


Naalo Maimarapu which featured in the trailer is the easy listen with the breezy tune accompanied by dreamy arrangements especially Mohana Bogaraju's whispery vocals makes this one an enjoyable listen. Though the charanam tilting towards sounding weary, the singer able to hold the tune really well.


Anaganaga is another wistful tune backed by the acoustic guitar solos throughout the song while Sriramachandra's earnest rendition makes this one an enjoyable serene listen from the composer. Lakshmi Bhupala's shines once again with the beautiful lyrics.


Maha Adhbutham is easily identifiable as Mickey J Meyer's signature tune with the arrangements and the catchy hook bordering towards the folk sound while the main melody continues to be an enchanting listen in the vocals of Nutana Mohan who happens to be the lead singer for Samantha's band in the movie.



Oh baby is high on melody and enjoyable despite featuring the apparent signature tunes from Mickey J Meyer.



Rating: 3/5

Pick of the Album: Aakasam Lona, Changu Bala, Maha Adhbutham


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