Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta Review - A late entry not gone wrong!

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Nov/2019

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta Review - A late entry not gone wrong!

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta Review - A late entry not gone wrong!


Dhanush and Gautham Vasudev Menon’s long awaited film Enai Noki Paayum Thota has finally hit screens. Also starring Megha Akash, M.Sasikumar and Senthil Veerasamy in pivotal roles, ENPT is all about the hero Raghu and his different modes of transition across a span of few years and how far he goes to try and save his girlfriend and his elder brother (Sasikumar). Has this GVM picture entertained film audiences and fans?


Raghu (Dhanush) is a simple college student and Lekha (Megha Akash), an actress who visits his campus for a film shoot. Just as in every other GVM film, ENPT too is dominated by voice overs of the hero and the entire film travels in his perspective. Raghu and Lekha fall for each other and all goes well till he finds out about Kuberan, the arrogant villain producer and director who forces Lekha into the film industry for his personal benefits. There is also another track that has Dhanush’s elder brother (Sasikumar) and the link between these two tracks forms the rest of the story. Though the plot is very similar to that of Simbu’s AYM itself, this is a far more refreshing package.


Raghu as Dhanush is ravishing and very enterprising. Be it the romance and the action sequences, Dhanush proves to us why he is so versatile. Megha Akash too does a decent job of her character Lekha. It is safe to say that Senthil Veerasamy is very apt for the villain and he has pulled off an extraordinary performance with his cunning dialogue delivery and carefree yet negative shaded attitude on screen. Other roles do not leave a great impact but GVM makes sure most of the film is only about these three characters. Sasikumar does a fairly neat job with his extended cameo, just as Sunaina too.


The first positives about ENPT are the visuals and the music. Jomon T John and Manoj Paramahamsa deliver the best for their director and Mr.X (Darbuka Siva), enthralls us with his music. Maruvaarthai, Visiri and Naan Pizhaipeno gather massive response in theatres and it is also nice to note that these numbers have a part to play in moving the story forward and convey genuine emotions of love and angst. The other positives apart from Dhanush’s screen presence are the quirky one-liners written by GVM for this film. They seem quite casual yet intricate. GVM executes his visual storytelling in an enjoyable fashion for a majority of the film.


Though we have seen many heroes like Raghu before in GVM films, Dhanush brings in his style and keeps us interested with his top form. Some of the mention worthy scenes include the canteen sequence, the pre-interval portion and some of the action cut backs that GVM has opted for, in order to make the screenplay interesting. In fact, the lift fight sequence is stunning just as the Maruvaarthai song placement. Dhanush is seen crying for a minute straight in the latter half and he has held the attention in an undisputed fashion. A good actor can make a world of difference and Dhanush just continues to prove this time and again.


What could have been better is the point where the main conflict opens up. There is a lot of time consumed before this and this could bring down the overall expectation of engagement levels of audiences. Another portion that seemed a tad bit too late for a reveal was Sasikumar’s story link to Dhanush and Megha Akash’s plotline. This could have been a little more intense and interesting. However, an exquisite technical team and top notch performances alongside fabulous visuals and music make ENPT a good watch for audiences.


Dhanush calling his girlfriend ‘divine’, taking care of her like a baby and another scene where he is seen shouting at Megha and realising he shouldn’t be, explains how much importance GVM gives to his heroines and women in general. These are also major additives to the film. An overall good show by team Dhanush and Gautham, with negligible flaws in the latter half and the climax make it a good outing for the film fans!


Bottomline: Dhanush and GVM deliver an enjoyable ENPT, well aided by top class visuals and music!


Rating: 3/5

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