Suriya with California fans via VideoConference

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jul/2013

Suriya with California fans via VideoConference

25 Days / 100th Show of Singam 2 in California -  Suriya via Video Conference

The exhibitor of SINGAM2 movie in California Bay Area on behalf of ATMUS entertainment, celebrates the success of SINGAM2. SINGAM2 is reaching 25 Days of continuous screening and Sunday evening show would be 100th show of SINGAM2 in Bay Area, with the movie still running in 3 theatres in Bay Area.

California fans on a live video conference with Suriya

The Exhibitor is doing a grand celebration on Sunday and SINGAM2 hero Suriya will be joining the celebration via Video Conference live and share the success of SINGAM2 with his fans in California Bay Area. The celebration / video conference with Suriya will be held at Serra Theatres, Milpitas during the interval of Sunday, July 28th at 5 PM show (i.e., 7:30 PM PST)


This may be the first time such an attempt has been made by an Indian hero to interact with fans through video conference technology during a screening of a movie.

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