Indian Medical Association slams Trance, Joseph! Demand removal of scenes!

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Mar/2020

Indian Medical Association slams Trance, Joseph! Demand removal of scenes!

The Kerala wing of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) seem to have had enough of the 'wrong medical depictions' in Mollywood, for they have penned a letter demanding removal of scenes from recent films such as Trance (Fahadh Faasil) and Joseph (Joju George). IMA state president Dr. Abraham Varghese and secretary P. Gopi Kumar have penned a letter to the  Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), asking them to take the opinion of a medical advisory committee before certifying films depicting medical issues.


They have also demanded removal of scenes from Trance where they claim 'false statements on medicines which are used globally to treat psychological disorders' are made; For the movie Joseph they state 'unscientific facts regarding on organ donation has been made' which actually discourages people from donating organs [Joseph's plot uncovers an organ harvesting racket]. 


"..organ donations came almost to a standstill in 2019, after the movie [Joseph] was released..we had to organize a lot of awareness campaigns to dispel fears regarding organ donation, which the government is overseeing using stringent norms..after the release of Trance, some psychiatrists reported their patients requesting them to change their medications, as the movie had specifically named some of these medicines as causing brain damage and other serious problems...", Gopi Kumar was quoted as saying. 


The IMA has also penned a letter to Minister for Culture and Films A. K. Balan requesting to constitute an advisory committee for the CBFC panel, to avoid 'misleading information being spread through movies'. 

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