Sulthan Review - When Karthi's attempt at becoming KGF's Rockybhai failed!

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Apr/2021

Sulthan Review - When Karthi's attempt at becoming KGF's Rockybhai failed!

Sulthan - When Karthi's attempt at becoming KGF's Rockybhai failed!

Meera D Chithirapaavaai 

Suluthan is Karthi hero movey release today!

I’m sure you could read that statement & make some sense of it. But, would you have the patience to do so if the whole article had messed up spelling & grammar? Karthi starrer Sultan seems to test the patience of the viewer similarly.

Directed by Remo fame Bakiyaraj Kannan, Sulthan is an action-packed commercial film that reminds you of multiple other films that fall under the same genre. The underlying intent of the story might be novel but the narrative’s strategy to exploit stereotypes makes it a tiring watch.

Ever since the advent of films, some production houses have established their passion for filmmaking to a great extent. When production houses like Dream Warrior Pictures are involved, the face of the film is more than just a popular hero! Sulthan might disappoint the Dream Warrior Fan club as complaints outweigh the film’s overall output.

Karthi as Sulthan shoulders the whole runtime to his best but it is undeniable to notice his fatigue onscreen. Something about his aura or presence seems to have taken a hit in this film that depended a lot on him. Rashmika Mandana as Rukmini attempts to offer more to the film than an average commercial movie heroine. This might have been a conscious move that is appreciated but the makers didn’t seem to be convinced enough to set her free of the unnecessary song sequences.

The screenplay carried a pacing issue that made the first half seem like one whole movie. The interval wasn’t a recess but time given to self-motivate to sit through another lengthy portion (second half) despite the predictable storyline.

The story establishes and takes many petty characters along. Among the crowd, Yogi Babu for obvious reasons stands out but is conveniently not committed in any action sequences. This also seems like another form of character assassination.

Deliberation with the film’s tones & colors makes it seem a bit artificial. The songs rendered by Vivek Mervin may work when approached as peppy songs on one’s playlist but don’t save the film! Yuvan’s work on the BG score once again proves the impact of music on image building & glorification of a sequence.

Sulthan may have started with a novel intent but gets diverted by the frenzy of making it grand & commercial!

PS - If you are a fan of the character "Bheem Boy" from Michael Madhana Kama Rajan, you are in for a heartbreak!

Rating - 2

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