"Who is A.R. Rahman" - Senior Telugu actor, MLA rakes up Twitter storm!

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Jul/2021

"Who is A.R. Rahman" - Senior Telugu actor, MLA rakes up Twitter storm!

Chennai born Nandamuri Balakrishna aka Balayya is 61 year old actor-politician, who is well known among the Telugu film audience. He is the sixth son of former Andhra Pradesh CM NT Rama Rao and is currently an MLA from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), that was founded by his father.


Balayya is also the same actor whom Radika Apte had bashed in 2018 for inappropriate behaviour on sets. Recently Balakrishna raked up a Twitter storm after belittled A.R. Rahman during a Telugu interview. NBR's exact words were,


"Rahman.. I don't know who Rahman is, I don't care. Once in a decade, he gives a hit and gets an Oscar award”


Fan wars followed under several hashtags like #WhoIsBalakrishna, #LegendaryNandamuriBalakrishna and #ARRahmanThePrideofIndia. But many agreed that the statement was unnecessary shade thrown (Balayya has a habit of doing this on a regular basis) at a composer who put Indian music on the global map. 




A.R. Rahman's response to the whole incident was liking a tweet that read, "Being a good #ARR fan. i will just ignore that calmly as like @arrahman sir does always. Does ARR become unrecognizable because one person said he doesn't know him? Comon, World is praising him for all his achievmnts in music industry.! #PeaceAndLove"

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