Aranmanai 3 Review - A film that defies all logic!

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Oct/2021

Aranmanai 3 Review - A film that defies all logic!

Aranmanai 3 Review - A film that defies all logic!

Akash P


Sundar C’s never ending ‘Aranmanai' film franchise is back with its third installment and this time, with more comedians and attempts at horror! With Arya seen in an extended cameo alongside Raashi Khanna, the film also stars Padmashri Vivek, Sampath, Yogi Babu, Manobala, Andrea Jeremiah, Sakshi Agarwal and a few others! Does Aranmanai 3 entertain its fans? Read further to find out.


Now when you walk into the theatre for this film, you obviously know what to expect from team Sundar C! Just as expected, there are elements of horror, comedy, a little bit of glamour, galatta and an attempt at trying to weave a flashback that holds the reasoning for the ghost’s revenge.

For those who do not know, this is the mix of elements that every Aranmanai film ever had and hence, do not expect anything in the form of a surprise with this one. 


Sampath plays Rajasekhar, a rich man who owns an Aranmanai and his family resides in it. His wife (Andrea) is no more and he loathes his daughter (Raashi Khanna) as he believes she is the reason for the demise of his wife (death during pregnancy). A kid in this house has been speculating about the presence of a ghost but nobody believes this kid. Enter Yogi Babu and Manobala as comedians and Arya as an electrician as the commotion follows. What happens next is quite simple. What is the purpose of this ghost and whether it is achieved or not forms for the rest of this horror-comedy.


As for performances, it is refreshing to see Vivek in this film even though scope for acting is minimal. Arya, who is basking in the success of Sarpetta, is seen only in a cameo for songs and a couple of scenes. Sampath and Sundar C have solid characters to play as does Madhusudhanan Rao and they play their parts well. Andrea too, delivers a decent performance. Yogi Babu and Manobala do not evoke laughter at most instances and the other characters do not leave any impact.


Aranmanai 3 starts off as a ghost film, slowly translates into a comedy drama and gets back to the horror mode in quick time. The only difference between this film and the other two are that, the story (flashback) is given more importance in this one than the songs and comedy. For instance, the first half itself has a few sequences that build up to the reasoning for the ghost’s revenge. A series of murders are shown and this is somewhat interesting.


The best part of Aranmanai 3 however is Shankar Mahadevan and Hariharan’s song Theeyaga Thondri towards the climax. The energetic performances of these two singers along with their surprise cameo is a breather for most audiences. Because towards this point in the latter half, most of us would be exhausted with the attempts for humour by the ‘comedy pattalam’. The climax is decently written and the characters that are involved are the only ones that matter to the story. If this was the case with the entire film, we might have had a more interesting drama.


Technically, Aranmanai 3 is just about average. Cinematography by UK Senthil Kumar is functional and music by C.Sathya is alright. The Theeyaga song is a saviour and the edit definitely required a few scenes being chopped off. With a run-time of about 156 minutes, one would wish it were a 2 hour film at many points.


Overall, Sundar C’s third Aranmanai is a no-logic horror entertainer that has a passable backstory. Even though we cannot emotionally connect with the motive of the ghost, the scenes that involved the storyline might keep audiences a tad bit interested. However, this formula has definitely fizzled out and requires a quick change before audiences show their red cards! This one though, might just escape.




Just another commercial film from the ‘Aranamanai’ franchise with average packaging!

Rating: 2/5

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