Maanaadu Sneak Peek seems to reflect Simbu's atman philosophy!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Nov/2021

Maanaadu Sneak Peek seems to reflect Simbu's atman philosophy!

Actor Silambarasan TR starrer Maanaadu is all set to release in theaters tomorrow i.e. November 25, 2021 at at this time, a sneak peek video from the movie has been unveiled by the makers. Maanaadu is a time-loop political thriller and in the video released Simbu's character Abdul Khaliq is trying to figure out why he is stuck in one. 


While the entire explanation is not shown, we get a hint of what Kalyani Priyadarshan's character Seethalaxmi is trying to explain. In the Hindu religion, the concept of time is considered cyclical as opposed to the western/modern notion of it being linear.



This idea of time being eternal and degenerative is closely related to atman, another Hindu concept according to which the activities of a person determines the workings of the universe. Silmabarasan TR, who has taken a liking to atman in his personal life too, had opened about this during Maanaadu pre-release event.


He had said, "Atman is about how, beyond the physical self, there's a soul that's making us all function. We should all be faithful to that soul and follow its guidance,". Going by the sneak peek video, the Venkat Prabhu directorial seems to have engrained some of this, as a reason to why the hero gets stuck in a loop of the day's events, after he attempts to assassinate the Chief Minister. 



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