Writer Review - Writer is an ode to realistic yet engrossing cinema!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Dec/2021

Writer Review - Writer is an ode to realistic yet engrossing cinema!

Writer is an ode to realistic yet engrossing cinema!



Neelam Productions’ next film is the gritty ‘Writer’, directed by Franklin Jacob. Starring Samuthirakani, Hari Krishnan, GM Sundar, Ineya and others in important roles, Writer deals with the police department in detail and with a very realistic issue. Does Pa.Ranjith’s team deliver another impactful punch? Read further to find out.


Samuthirakani plays Thangaraj, a small-time cop in Trichy district. He has been in the department for a long time and wants to fight for much needed changes in the Police Union. However, his higher official (Bose Venkat), silences him and transfers him to Chennai. Now enters Hari Krishnan, a young innocent student from a village who has been falsely accused of crime. Whether Samuthirakani fights for this boy and stands in the way of his own department forms for the rest of the story. However, this film also deals with a lot of other stuff too, especially in terms of why Hari is accused of those charges.


The casting equation in most films that Ranjith produces or directs, almost never goes wrong. With Writer, you cannot find a better set of actors for the roles given. Samuthirakani is top-class and Hari has a meaty role to play. Both these actors have aced their parts. Apart from them, a lot of other supporting characters leave an impact on us. GM Sundar, the actor who plays Raja, the Hindi speaking DC, Ineya and even Dileepan and Subramaniam Siva have done their parts well. This itself elevates Writer to an above average film!


The issue dealt with, the manner in which it has been dealt with and the overall geography of ‘Writer’ is natural. There are no force fitted scenes and even though some of the sequences are similar to scenes seen before in films of the same genre, they keep us hooked for the most part. Special mention to the portion towards the unexpected climax as they would move one and all emotionally.You begin to question the morality of the policemen and start to empathise with the central characters. There is no drought for sympathy and the portrayal of on-screen pain, to add much needed impact. Not to forget small, funny one-liners here and there that seem to lighten you up, considering the overall intense mood.


Technically too, Writer seems abundant. Govind Vasantha’s music is a big bonus and his BGM’s work well. Cinematography by Pratheep and editing by Manigandan were apt. Since most of the film happens inside the police-station, it is important to give audiences a breather here and there. Such moments were well aided by good locations in towns down south with a nice landscape. However, in spite of this, some people may find the film a little too stuck within police premises.


What is most beautifully portrayed is the hierarchy within our own police department and the politics within it that unfolds at different levels. The only thing that one might think of whilst watching Writer is the striking similarity it shares with films like Visaaranai and Jai Bhim in terms of the basic storyline. But this would not really affect the movie watching experience at any instance and majority audiences would find this film to be commendable for its intention, genuinity and effort! Give Franklin Jacob’s ‘Writer’ the attention it deserves and watch it in theatres!


Verdict: Team Ranjith lands another lasting punch with this emotional,but entertaining story!


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