Best Technicalities of Tamil Cinema - 2021

PUBLISHED DATE : 11/Jan/2022

Best Technicalities of Tamil Cinema - 2021

Best Technicalities of Tamil Cinema - 2021

The technical finesse of a movie is that aspect which adds to the charm of the story on-screen, and here are some of the best technicalities that Tamil cinema managed to provide us with in 2021. Worth mentioning here that only some of these works managed to release on the big screen, with the full theatrical experience [which is how they were originally intended to be presented], while the others were witnessed directly on one's personal screens.

  • Best Cinematography - Theni Eswar (Karnan, Bachelor) : 2021 was the year of powerful tales in Tamil cinema and Karnan was among the most prominent ones; An unanimous take about the movie was how its visuals were hauntingly stunning. Theni Eswar's camera-work captured Mari Selvaraj's vision in the best possible way and was one of the USPs of the film. The cinematographer also made a mark with GV Prakash's Bachelor in 2021 with his fresh, hand-held and slow-motion shots.


  • Best Art Director - T Ramalingam (Sarpatta Parambarai, Karnan) : One of the best art direction of 2021 was witnessed in Sarpatta Parambarai, a boxing drama set in the 70s/80s Chennai. T. Ramalingam did not only recreate iconic monuments and architectures, but also authentic boxing arenas, political symbols and the entire 70s/80s lifestyle of an old Chennai. Karnan was his other noticeable work this year, where he recreated an entire 90s village near Tirunelveli.


  • Best Costume Designer - Aegan Ekambaram (Sarpatta Parambarai) : Stripes, bell-bottoms to star-actors' inspired styles, Aegan Ekambaram not just brought back the vintage Chennai style but also recreated the entire aesthetic of 70s boxing. Another best selling point about the movie.
    • Special Mention: Pallavi Singh (Master) : Master was a makeover for Vijay by all means and the actor's costumes in the movie left the most impact in 2021. 'Master Vijay Shirts' was a thing men and boys of all age were looking for last year and this was due to costume designer Pallavi Singh's work in the movie.

  • Best Choreography - Dinesh Kumar (Master - Vathi Coming) : Choreographer Dinesh Kumar had the entire country trying to cover the signature shoulder step from the Vaathi Coming song in Vijay's Master. The choreography included 2 minutes and 40 seconds of pure dance for Vijay and came with interesting details like the pump-set with flowing-water concept.

  • Best Stunts - Anbariv (Doctor - Metro Fight Scene) : In 2021, stunt choreographers Anbu and Arivu came up with the most interesting stunt, Tamil cinema had seen in recent times. The much raved about metro fight scene involved a normal family and an army doctor taking advantage of the dark to fight aggressive goons, and was much praised for being innovative, entertaining and buyable at the same time.

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