Netflix's post on RRR creates ruckus! Lowdown here!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Jun/2022

Netflix's post on RRR creates ruckus! Lowdown here!

SS Rajamouli directed RRR movie was one of the highest grossing films from India in 2022 and the Telugu movie's Hindi dubbed version gained more popularity after it released on the Netflix OTT platform. So much so that RRR which started streaming on Netflix on May 22, 2022, had become the platform's most watched non-English movie by June, 2022. 


So many American, Hollywood names had caught a sniff of RRR movie's growing popularity and had even tweeted about catching the movie on Netflix. However a social media post amidst this new found love for RRR has created a ruckus; Netflix (The American handle) posted a scene from the movie implying that the laws of physics are to be forgotten while watching it. 

The scene in question is where Ram (Ram Charan) and Bheem (Jr. NTR) meet for the first time and work together to save a little boy who’s trapped near a collapsing bridge, after a train catches fire and explodes. Their super-strength, dexterity while saving the boy is what has become the bone of contention here.  


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