Viruman Review - A template film that stays afloat!

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Aug/2022

Viruman Review - A template film that stays afloat!

Viruman – A template film that stays afloat!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Viruman is what you expect it to be. And that is not a problem. Within the sensibilities of a film like Viruman, does it have sufficient in it to entertain and engage is the question. You pretty much know the beats of these films and what really matters is whether there are a handful of whistle worthy scenes, emotions that work and actors who deliver the goods. You get the third one in Viruman and that is what ensures that the film stays afloat.

The Muthaiya films (or at least parts of those) that has worked for me are those that had powerful (maybe cruel is the word) villains. They may or may not be written well but few of his films had villains who gave real trouble to the hero. Viruman doesn’t have one. This is more a family film and the tussle between the father (Prakash Raj) and son (Karthi) is the crux. The tone is never serious and Prakash Raj who does all those evil things never comes across as cruel. This is intentionally done and the actor plays the part with a comical streak that he is famous for. This works to an extent but in the absence of a formidable villain, the emotions should have worked big time. But in Viruman, they are superficial to say the least.

The three brothers of Karthi who are so crucial to the plot are like mere puppets. That happens to be their character but this also means that you wonder what was all the fuss about. They are selfish at the start of the film and they remain selfish at the end of it. They move from their father’s side to their brother’s side. But this really happens because their financial needs are now fulfilled by their brother. Again, this would have not been a problem if their transition wasn’t thrust upon us as some great emotional change in their characters. In between all this, Karthi keeps beating up few people, romances Aditi Shankar and has Soori by his side to keep giving counters. The stunt sequences are bland. Firstly, all of them are unwarranted. When that is the case, the least you expect is some novelty in the action. But they only help you to keep checking your phones, not that the remaining part of the film has you glued to it.

The comedy isn’t great but some of Soori’s counters at least helps you smile at times. But your best laugh is reserved when Karthi sends a bad guy flying and the censors prudently blur the guy’s underwear. Well, this was my take away moment from Viruman. Yeah, the interval scene comes a close second. But I don't want to spoil it for you.

Karthi and Prakash Raj are the two who help to keep the film afloat. To be honest, the film remains largely watchable, at least till the interval point. But almost the entire second half seems pointless. You know where it is headed to and it is a long wait. You have songs popping out at the oddest of times. If this wasn’t enough, Aditi Shankar shakes her legs to instrumental music in the middle of nowhere. I get it that you are trying to have a high-profile launch for her to showcase her skills. But if that is the case, at least have that as her introduction scene, right? Why is she breaking into a jig well into the later part of the film?

The odd emotional moments do work. There is a small surprise involving Karunas in the climax. But even such moments that work are like standalone parts and you are never really invested with the emotional arc of the characters. You hardly see Karunas before this crucial scene.

A template film that remains afloat largely due to Karthi and to a certain extent, Prakash Raj. Template is never the problem. It means that you get dance, romance, comedy, action and emotions. It is a problem when these remain only as a part of a checklist and not a well thought out mix that is meant to be enjoyable.

Rating: 2.5/5

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