Sinam director reveals story details & why emotion is the film's core

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Sep/2022

Sinam director reveals story details & why emotion is the film's core

Sinam starring Arun Vijay in the lead is an upcoming crime-thriller which will hit theater screens on September 16, 2022. Arun Vijay plays an emotionally charged cop named Pari Venkat in the movie and how he goes about solving a brutal double murder mystery is what the story is about. 


Sinam is directed by GNR Kumaravelan who debuted with Ninaithale Inikkum (a Malayalam hit remake) and has made movies namely Yuvan Yuvathi (2011), the critically acclaimed Haridas (2013) and Wagah (2016). He says of the upcoming release,


“After Wagah, my mind was vague and directionless as I couldn’t spot my strength. During that point of time, my father enlightened me by referring my previous film ‘Haridas’ and mentioned that ‘Emotions’ are my plus, and suggested that I carry this as the core element in my movies. Here's where the actual journey of Sinam began. Sinam will be a wholesome entertainer laced with thriller and emotional factors. It will be a pleasing movie for audiences from all walks of life.” 


Sinam promotional videos reveal that in the movie, Arun Vijay's sub-inspector character deals with anger management, even getting to the point of slapping his superior and getting suspended for the same. Of this GNR Kumaravelan stated in an interview, 


"The story of Sinam is about getting angry for justice..Arun Vijay plays the role of an honest police officer who expects nothing. He has a family. Everything changes when an incident happens in his family. So he gets angry.. The story is about what he can do to solve the problem."


GNR Kumarvelan also insists that Sinam is not an action film. "Arun Vijay has three action scenes but Sinam is not an action film. It will be a movie to watch with the entire family." 


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