Sinam Review - A Passable Whodunit Flick!

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Sep/2022

Sinam Review - A Passable Whodunit Flick!

Sinam Review - A Passable Whodunit Flick!

Ashwin Ram

Sinam is a cop crime thriller starring Arun Vijay and Palak Lalwani in the lead roles. The film is directed by GNR Kumaravelan.



Arun Vijay is an honest cop who is married and has a kid. One day, he misses out on a family commitment as he is held up with a murder case. Strangely, his wife goes missing and is found dead. Arun Vijay begins his investigation.


What Works

There are a couple of impactful plot points as a particular character involved makes a mark. The core message conveyed is important for society. Despite the story being so familiar and similar to Naan Mahaan Alla, it is enough to make a decent thriller. Interval block takes the story forward and sets the whodunit mood for the second half. Arun Vijay is a perfect fit for the cop role, his physique is ideal and the clean shaven look suits him well. Loud yet fairly decent acting by him. Kaali Venkat gets a neat role and he has done a fine job by emoting at the perfect meter. Song-wise, the track named ‘Nenjellam’ is so beautiful and the music director has used it well in different situations of the flow. Thankfully the editor has locked the runtime to be just 115 minutes and it has worked out in the film's favour.


What Doesn't

Script is wafer-thin, it feels like a short film’s extension. The screenplay is weak and if not for the crisp duration, there would have been engagement issues. Because the main conflicts are established very late, it doesn’t allow us to be invested with the happenings. There is zero correlation between the first hour and the latter. No depth in the interrogation portions. The emotional angle is weakly portrayed, so the impact is absent. The dialogues are so amateurish at so many places. The climax is loud and so on-the-face. Palak Lalwani’s body language and expressions are so monotonous. Casting could have been way better as many newbies had poor screen presence.



Sinam gets the base plot right and Arun Vijay is a fitting cop. But the script falters with lack of detailing and the screenplay misses to heat up, due to shortage of cleverly-written investigation track.


Rating - 2.5/ 5

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