Vaathi Audio Launch: Dhanush stresses on the importance of education

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Feb/2023

Vaathi Audio Launch: Dhanush stresses on the importance of education

Vaathi (SIR in Telugu) is an upcoming biligual starring actor Dhanush in the lead, and the movie written and directed by Venky Atluri is all set to release in theaters on February 17, 2023. Vaathi/SIR has GV Prakash for music and all songs from the film's album were unveiled after a grand audio launch event this weekend. 


Dhanush's speech at the event became a talking point after the star stressed about the importance of education, which is not just the theme of the movie but also has been the actor's message in his more recent movies like Asuran (2019). 


Highlights of Dhanush's speech from the Vaathi audio launch:


  • Vaathi is a story that takes places in the 90s. Ironically in real life, I was a student in the 90s. Now I have acted as a professor in that era. 
  • When I was a student, I used to envy how "easy" a teacher's job was. They can come when they want, take class when they want, eat and drink when they want, we'd (the students) had to ask permission for everything. When I myself went and stood in front of the board for this film is when I realized how difficult their job is..When I had to hold a chalk piece and write on the board for a shot, it (my writing) started on one end and ended on another. It hit me then that in a teacher's handwriting lies every student's fate. It made me want to salute all the teachers in my life. 
  • When I sat for a story narration with Venky Atluri, I was preset to say no..But when he completed the narration.., I wanted to be a part of it because more than the story, I liked the message it conveyed..The film's story is best summed as the dialogue from the teaser, 'Education - Give it out like temple prasadham, do not sell it like a five star hotel's food'. However it won't be on the preachy side, rather a commercial story that can be enjoyed with the family. 
  • Because this is a movie about education, I am reminded of my own days of education. Even though I was a good student, I was too playful and did take my education seriously. My mindset was ';what do parents who just pay the fees know about what a student who has to take the efforts to study and clear all exams'. I thought this then. But now when I have to make my two sons study is when I realize what difficulty parents go through.
  • Studying and clearing exams is the only job students have. But the parents have the difficulty of ensuring their kids study and grow up to be a person of acceptance in this society. As a parent, I feel the job of a student is much easier comparatively.
  • There are people who are going through education and people who ensure the education. The ones going through education must give their life's foremost importance to getting educated. The ones who are ensuring the education, must give their life's foremost importance to giving education.  


Dhanush ended this topic on a lighter note by adding, "As a student I once joined a tuition to accompany my (then) girlfriend. I did not continue though since the (male) teacher kept quizzing me and I ended up not knowing the answers. But I would roam around the tuition with my bike and signal to my girlfriend by accelerating the bike..The tuition sir soon caught up on this and said to his students inside, 'you people studying would become something and make a life for yourselves soon, the one with the bike outside will be left singing and dancing on the streets'. True to his words, there is no street in Tamil Nadu today where I haven't danced or sung or acted." 

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