Bommai Nayagi director Shan announces new project in note of thanks!

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Feb/2023

Bommai Nayagi director Shan announces new project in note of thanks!

Director Shan made his debut with the impressive Bommai Nayagi, a production venture of Pa. Ranjith's Neelam Productions and Yaazhi Films. Yogi Babu starrerd in the lead and the movie received critical acclaim for its important social message. Penning a self-aware note-of thanks for the movie, Shan has thanked everyone who made the film a possibility and supported the movie. He has also announced that his next project will be launched soon. 



English version of Shan's note of thanks

My sincere thanks to all the public, press, and media friends, including celebrities. A special thanks to all who have extended their immense support by posting their views about the film on social media and spreading the word after seeing the special and preview screenings. This has aided the film Bommai Nayagi in reaching a larger audience.

My gratitude goes to the producer Pa Ranjith, who has maintained a high level of trust in me and has given me complete freedom and support for this script. Also thanks to Neelam Productions, Yazhi Films, and the team who travelled throughout the journey.

My thanks go to the hero of the story, Yogi Babu, and other actors and actresses for their full cooperation and support.

Also, thanks to my fellow technicians who worked with me on the film, the people of Cuddalore, and my friends who stood by me as pillars of support.

I'm taking and accepting the positive and negative feedback on the film, and I'm getting ready to launch my next project.

Thanks Bommai Nayagi
Shan Film Director

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