Gowtam SSC actor reacts to Varisu/Vaarasudu comparisons!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Feb/2023

Gowtam SSC actor reacts to Varisu/Vaarasudu comparisons!

Actor Vijay's January release Varisu, and its Telugu dubbed version Vaarasudu made its digital premiere on Amazon Prime Video and Simply South [outside India] OTT platforms on February 22, 2023. Among the many praises and brickbats that came the movie's way from its OTT audience, was a tweet that claimed that the makers of Vaarasudu i.e. writer, director Vamshi Paidipally and producer Dil Raju should be sued by the makers of 2005 Telugu film Gowtam SSC



Gowtam SSC starring actor Navedeep in the lead was a family drama directed by P.A. Arun Prasad. The movie followed the story of the youngest son of a family who is the only underachiever much to the disdain of his father. He is thrown out from the family at one point, and how he proves himself in life and regains the love and trust of his family members forms the rest of the story. 


Vaarasudu on the other hand is the story of the youngest son of an ultra-rich business family, who is thrown out of the house because he refuses to join the family business and calls out his father's toxic traits. Why and how he reunites with them and regains their love and trust forms the rest. Though the basic storylines sound too similar when broken into bare bones, Vaarasudu is way different from Gowtham SSC in terms of treatment, screenplay, character arcs and plotlines. 


Gowtam SSC hero Navdeep has reacted to the tweet thus: 


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