Kondraal Paavam Early Reviews Hint Positive Opening

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Mar/2023

Kondraal Paavam Early Reviews Hint Positive Opening

Filmmaker Dayal Padmanabhan is bringing his acclaimed Kannada movie Aa Karaala Raatri (2018) to Tamil as Kondraal Paavam, and the film starring Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Santhosh Pratap in the lead is all set to hit theater screens on March 10, 2023. A preview show for the movie was recently held for a select audience from the Tamil film industry and the early reviews of the movie, are hinting a positive opening already.



Also starring Eswari Rao and Charlie in pivotal roles, Kondraal Paavam revolves around a murder plan by Varalaxmi and her poverty-stricken family. Why they want to kill Santhosh Pratap's character, how they execute it and what's the final outcome forms the rest of this suspense thriller. 

Sarathkumar: "A great film..In my opnion, if the ending of the movie is not revealed, the film would be interesting for viewers..Please watch the film without giving out spoilers..The emotions of an unmarried woman has portrayed beautifully and one gets involved with the story by interval..The end gives you a choking feeling. "

Raadhika Sarathkumar: "Kondraal Paavam is a very different film..I had watched the movie in Kannada and told Varalaxmi about it..I'm delighted to see her in the Tamil version, especially since I've felt that Tamil industry had not seen the full potential of an amazing Tamil-speaking actress like her..It's definitely an intense film and everyone has done their role perfectly.

Suhasini Maniratnam: "These days every movie is called different but Kondraal Paavam is truly a different film for Tamil cinema. It is an indepth film that highlights the crookedness of human psychology..It takes a lot of guts to pull of Varalaxmi's role and she has done it beautifully. A very interesting film made with just 4 characters.." 

Ammu Abhirami: "Gem of a film..Right from the first frame to the last frame, it captures your attention. Every frame is like a painting and all credits for that goes to (cinematographer) Chezhian sir. Sam CS's music is outstanding." 

A production venture of D Pictures and Einfach Studios, Kondraal Paavam has Sam CS for music, Chezian for cinematography, Joh Mahendran, Dayal Padmanabhan for dialogues and Preethi Mohan-Babu for edits. Trend Music holds the audio rights to this movie. 

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