Game Changer First Look disappoints Shankar fans!

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Mar/2023

Game Changer First Look disappoints Shankar fans!

Game Changer is actor Ram Charan's upcoming political entertainer which is directed by S. Shankar, a filmmaker known for grand ideas and execution. Just when fans were inspecting if the title reveal video of Game Changer, passed the unique Shankar stamp the first look of the movie was released, marking Ram Charan's birthday today. 

The poster brought the longtime fans of director Shankar to the fore, expressing disappointment in the vibe it gave off. Some reactions to the Game Changer first look poster are curated below. Notably, most of the negative responses towards Shankar are from the director's Tamil audience, given Game Changer had a dedicated Tamil poster release.

The Telugu audience who only got the generic English one expressed disappointment towards the film's producers' for that, and also for releasing a clean poster where Ram Charan's head was cropped. 


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