Veeran, Minnal Murali comparisons prompt makers to release hilarious promo!

PUBLISHED DATE : 31/May/2023

Veeran, Minnal Murali comparisons prompt makers to release hilarious promo!

Writer, director ARK Saravanan who debuted with Maragadha Naanayam in 2017 is gearing up for the release of his second movie, which is a superhero subject titled Veeran. Starring Hiphop Tamizha in the lead, Veeran releases in theaters on June 2, 2023 [All about the film here], and ever since its inception has been compared closely to the Malayalam superhero movie Minnal Murali (2021).


ARK Saravanan has maintained that Veeran and Minnal Murali are two separate subjects and a testament to the same are the films' storylines. While Veeran is about how a teen boy inherits superpowers after getting struck by lightning and uses it later to save his village veeranoor as an adult, Minnal Murali is about an adult tailor (protagonist) and a village outcast (antagonist) simultaneously inheriting superpowers after getting struck by lightning, and going against each other by a stroke of fate. 


Aesthetically, Veeran is also very similar to Minnal Murali so ahead of the former's release, makers Sathya Jyothi Films unveiled a fun new promo inviting Minnal Murali director Basil Joseph to clear the air about the two movies. Watch the hilarious video here: 

The skit played out is Veeran hero Hiphop Tamizha confronting a 'busy-with-interviews' director ARK Saravanan about "copying Minnal Murali but doing interviews without second thoughts". Editor GK Prasanna is also present, who mistakes Minnal Murali's director Basil Joseph as Jeethu Joseph. ARK Saravanan then video calls Basil to clear the Veeran X Minnal Murali air.


Basil pulls ARK Saravanan's legs intitially and then proceeds to say, "I have watched Veeran trailer and the director has already informed me of the story. There is no connection between Veeran and Minnal Murali. Noone get confused please." Hip-hop Tamizha then uses this opportunity to pitch in for film offers and forces Basil to cut the call. He then puts forth the idea that maybe they should arrange to clear the air with directors of other super-hero movies as well, which editor GK Prasanna seconds.


The skit ends with Hip-hop Tamizha informing someone on the call about GK Prasanna's 'medical emergency' insinuating that the editor suffered damage at the director's hands for seconding the hero's insane plan. 

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