Katharbaasha Endra Muthuramalingam Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Jun/2023

Katharbaasha Endra Muthuramalingam Review

Katharbaasha Endra Muthuramalingam Review

Ashwin Ram


Katharbaasha Endra Muthuramalingam is a rural action drama starring Arya in the lead role. The film is directed by Muthaiah and the music is scored by G.V.Prakash Kumar.



There are separate conflicts for the hero and the heroine, they both get married and the problem becomes one. How they fight and come out from it forms the remaining story.


Writing/ Direction:

Like the other Muthaiah movies, this is also a familiar commercial rural flick which has nothing new to offer. The treatment is so old and outdated, it has five songs and atrociously eight full-fledged action sequences. The fights outnumber the limit as there are excessive characters which could have been easily restricted to a few. There is a story, actually two, one for the hero and one for the heroine. The heroine’s story is flat as there is no effort in the writing to boost it with special elements. While the hero’s story which is conveyed through a flashback is significantly better with more details as value additions. It could have been a decent outing if the way of approach is adaptable to the current sensibilities of the audience. The opening voice-over is good that explains the reasoning for most of the conflicts taking place. The women who are part of the villain’s family are so annoying, they are loud and senseless. There are many idiotic morally incorrect points that are portrayed in the flow. The punch dialogues are silly, placed just for the rhyming. The fact that the same name is kept for Arya and Prabhu confuses a bit when other characters refer to the name. There is one genuinely enjoyable mass scene that takes place in the flashback after a convincing setup to it.


Solid presence by Arya, he is believable in the rustic and cinematic fight sequences, probably Sarpatta has helped him to get better in terms of stunts. But his village slang dialogue delivery is a bit odd in some places. Good role and act by Prabhu and Aadukalam Naren. Siddhi Idnani neatly fits in her character, and gets an important one too which takes the story forward. There are so many other artists who come and go as passing clouds without much of a purpose and their performances are overly exaggerated.



G.V.Prakash's songs are average, with some quirky lyrics but the tunes are not catchy. Passable background score, he has mainly gotten scope just to fill the slow-motion mass buildup shots. Velraj's camera work is neat, he has provided what is exactly required for a commercial movie. Plenty of old-school editing techniques is used for scene-to-scene transitions. There are plenty of fight sequences without any variety in the stunts, with usual heroic high-speed shots.



The present timeline portions are extremely boring and unfortunately it fills up most of the runtime. The flashback is watchable but even after that the film fails to utilize it to its favour with a punchy finale.


Katharbaasha Endra Muthuramalingam - A Yawn-Worthy Commercial Flick!

Rating - 2/ 5

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