ADIPURUSH Review - An Epic Disaster That Offers An Horrendous Experience!

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Jun/2023

ADIPURUSH Review - An Epic Disaster That Offers An Horrendous Experience!

ADIPURUSH - An Epic Disaster That Offers An Horrendous Experience!

Ashwin Ram

Adipurush is a mythological drama based on the epic Ramayan. The film stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. It is directed by Om Raut of Tanhaji fame.


Premise: Saif Ali Khan as Ravan seeks revenge over Raman for accidentally hurting his sister, so he kidnaps Sita. Raman’s journey begins to save her from evil, with the help of Hanuman.


Writing/ Direction:  When the theme music can have lyrics like Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman, no clue why the names of the characters were changed from Ram, Sita, Hanuman to Raghav, Janaki and Bajrang respectively, it felt like the first red flag. Turns out, the whole movie is filled with disappointments after disappointments. Many important parts have been skipped, and unfortunately the character establishment of Ram is no exception. Most people know the story, but there should be some sort of detailing for the film language, and that is absolutely rubbish here. Not just the presentation of the characters, the purpose was portrayed like it was pointless, the nasty visual appeal strips everything apart. The flow is very random, filled with crashing bore scenes that are highly incoherent. Intolerable screenplay that makes us cry out for three long hours, concentrates on action set pieces rather than adding any value to the story. No words to express the crappy direction of Om Raut, a film of this huge scale is worthless to watch even for free of cost due to zero conviction with limitless horribly created green mat sequences. Usually, the hero and villain get different colour palettes, moods, etc. Here Ravan is in a different world altogether, he is like a modern-day alien. He gets to do welding with a shiny black mask, rides a giant bat, enjoys a snake massage and what not. On the other hand, Ram’s world is like a poorly made Jungle Book movie. There is no drama or impactful emotional quotient, also the motivational and mass moments are flat.


PerformancesPrabhas looks like a smooth doll, no scope for him to perform, stone faced and very inactive on screen. He cheats as if he is running in the chase sequences instead of faithfully doing it. Kriti Sanon gets very little space to act, she looks pretty, but expressionless throughout. Saif Ali Khan never fits in the shoes, his makeover as Ravana is horrible, such a stylish look with zero believability factor.


Technicalities: The only person who has worked efficiently in the team is the music director. The songs are pretty good, in which the ‘Jai Shri Ram’ track stands out and it is a great vibe material. Powerful background score as well, tries to elevate the situations as much as possible. Crappy visuals, but nothing to blame on the cinematographer as the entire footage is on green mat. Only lags prevail in the edited footage, super slow action portions by worsening the already weak stunts. Truly terrible VFX in every aspect, the film looks like an age-old video game with a cartoon-style approach. The director is at fault, the guy can’t even shoot a lotus flower for real and solely depends on graphics. Decent 3D experience with good depth, although the pop-outs are less.


Verdict - Even the people who know the epic would wonder what is going on as the storytelling is extremely weak. The technological advancements are taken for granted and the presentation is of terrible quality.


ADIPURUSH - An Epic Disaster That Offers An Horrendous Experience!


Rating - 1/ 5.

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