LGM (Let's Get Married) Review: Relentless To The Core!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jul/2023

LGM (Let's Get Married) Review: Relentless To The Core!

LGM (Let's Get Married) Review - Relentless To The Core!

Ashwin Ram


LGM stands for Let's Get Married. It is a family drama starring Harish Kalyan, Ivana and Nadhiya in the lead roles.



After dating for two years, Harish Kalyan and Ivana decide to get married. Ivana wishes to know Nadhiya, her future mother-in-law well before the wedding to know whether they both will be comfortable living under the same roof.


Writing/ Direction:

The core story is decent as the conflict set is cinematically good, of the hero being like a food in between his mother and future wife. Also, the reason the heroine gives that builds the conflict is relatable and that is what makes the issue a believable one. It is fine that the film is slow at the beginning, but the sluggish parts should show some sort of promise to be somewhat engaging right. The entire first half probably has 15 minutes worth of content which is stretched for more than an hour. Giving the film the benefit of doubt because the crucial plot-point is established at the interval, the first half can be called tolerable. The director could have done much more with what he intended to do with the second half. But it becomes painful to sit through as whatever crap that has been thought is written and presented. Filled with random sequences of a white guy proposing Nadiya, the cluelessly made entire man-god portion and the bizarre tiger sequence at the end. Harish Kalyan has zero scope in the latter, he is simply roaming around carrying a namesake purpose. Audience completely taken for granted and it literally turns out to be a laughing stock flick.



Harish Kalyan looks good and is neat for a lover boy role. But his character is written in the stupidest possible way that we can never root for his love-life to succeed. Good pick for Ivana after Love Today, plays a vital character who has more screen space than the hero and she has used the opportunity well. Her dubbing artist adds value by doing a fine job. Nadhiya is a good casting choice, nice to see her playing a full-fledged character role after quite some time. Boring comedies from Yogi Babu while Mirchi Vijay is passable with his counter dialogues. Plenty of needless characters and cameos, especially Sandy and VTV Ganesh at the end, their portions are filthy.



Average songs, was happy that there was only one in the first half, turns out the second half has three which are unnecessary and annoying when it pops up all of a sudden. Decent background score though. Inconsistent camera work mainly due to low budget, plenty of evident green mat sequences that spoil the visuals. Worst editing as every scene is full of lags and an uncountable number of horribly made unwanted scenes, 150 minutes length is overly tiresome for this already nonsense flick. Poor production value which is very much visible with the notorious output.



Sensible conflict that fits the order of the day. But presented with a horrendous screenplay with monotonous situations and the terrible writing make it intolerable after a point.


Rating - 2/ 5

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