BRO Review - Strictly for Pawan Kalyan fans!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jul/2023

BRO Review - Strictly for Pawan Kalyan fans!

BRO Review - Strictly for Pawan Kalyan fans!

Ashwin Ram


BRO is an official remake of Tamil film Vinodhaya Sittham. The movie stars Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej in the lead roles. Directed by our very own Samuthirakani, while the screenplay and dialogues are penned by Trivikram.



Sai Dharam Tej, a calculative responsible youngster dies in an accident. Pawan Kalyan, a human form of time saves him and gives back his life for 90 days. The drama unfolds between the hero and his family.


Writing/ Direction:

A super fictional concept and very relatable at the same time as the base is time. But the film is never truthful to its core. There is enough drama for all the characters to make it an efficient emotional flick. Unfortunately, the main focus is on fan service and it becomes difficult to follow and empathize with the underlying drama. Even the fan service isn’t original, every scene depends on some famous Pawan Kalyan movies to bring the cheers and whistles. The humour works at places which acts as the saving grace for the film. Samuthirakani’s direction is also weak as it is a lot dependent on green-mat technology rather than opting for live locations for a rooted drama like this. Certain mass shots have been conceived well, the interval point for example. The time concept is treated in a Godly manner and it isn’t a new role to play for the Power Star, his character feels like a less exaggerated version of what he did in Gopala Gopala back in 2015. The climax works as the changeover is shown in an organic way.



Class act by Pawan Kalyan, his style and screen presence along with some of his old movie references is sure to be a treat for his ardent fans. Poor performance by Sai Dharam Tej, overly expressive and his body language doesn’t suit the charm in his role. In reference to a dialogue in the film, Pawan Kalyan is the torch bearer and Sai Dharam Tej is a torture. The bubbly Ketika Sharma debuts as the leading lady, a stone-faced performance from her. The rest of the characters have their share of importance in adding drama to the subject, despite having a neatly written base structure, none of them stand out due to an underwhelming development. The cameos of Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore are quite enjoyable.



Songs are a major letdown, the expectations were high especially when the name is Thaman, dud numbers by him. He compensates with his compelling background score and he boosts up the old movie references idea. Although there are some mass shots for Pawan Kalyan, the VFX team drains the quality with their lackluster output, even otherwise the camera man could have picturized Sai Dharam Tej with better angles, mainly when he smiles wide. Editing is weak too, plenty of songs and pointless heroic sequences might appeal to the fans, but definitely lags a lot during the flow.



Good concept watered down by inconsistent writing. Casting Pawan Kalyan is a great choice, but that results negatively as the concentration is predominantly to satisfy his fans. On the other hand, Sai Dharam Tej cannot act to save his life.


Rating - 2.5/ 5

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