Jailer Success Meet: Rajinikanth's Speech in English

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/Sep/2023

Jailer Success Meet: Rajinikanth's Speech in English

After the blockbuster success of Rajinikanth starrer Jailer, which released in theaters on August 10, 2023 and went on to gross Rs. 600 Cr+ worldwide, producers Sun Pictures have been celebrating the film's run in various different ways. The final roundup event of this Jailer success celebration saw the cast and crew of Jailer gather once again, since the Jailer audio launch event.


Everyone including actors Tamannaah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Vasanth Ravi, Mirnaa Menon, VTV Ganesh, Redin Kingsley, Jaffer Sadiq, lyricists Super Subbu, Arunraja Kamaraj, Vignesh Sivan, composer Anirudh, cinematographer Vijay Karthik Kannan among others were presented with plaques by lead star Rajinikanth, director Nelson Dilipkumar and producer Kalanithi Maran. 


Rajinikanth then addressed the gathering with a thank you speech, which he said wasn't planned initially but he couldn't go without saying a few words as a note of thanks for Jailer's mega success. Rajinikanth's full speech at the Jailer success meet in English follows.

"Greetings to everyone. First they had said that there will be no speeches here. I myself had asked, " there will be no speeches right?". They had said no. But seeing all this here, if I didn't address you all with one or two words, it wouldn't be nice. First, I do not know how to thank Kala (nithi Maran) Sir. Whole industry needs to thank him. He has pulled us all together for events like these. Right from (Jailer) audio function, to after the film became a hit - he gathered all technicians and workers and arranged for a non-veg feast, after that for me, the director (Nelson) and Ani (rudh) - he gave all of us a car, a big car. I came in that car just now. I just got the feeling that I've become rich (laughs). I swear, when I sit in that car and travel (does a gesture that makes him feel like he's made it).  Thank you Kala Sir, Thank you very much.


He has called all of us and given us beautiful shields (plaques). After that bags were being giving out. When I was wondering why Kala Sir was giving out bags, (director) Nelson said there were gold coins in it. So nice Kala Sir. You have definitely set an example for all producers on how to celebrate a film's success, how to honour people who have worked on the film, how to make them happy. Completely for not just the Tamil film industry, but for Hollywood, Bollywood, everyone - this is a path paved. Definitely everyone should follow this. Hats off to you. 


Eons ago, we used to do all this. Whatever he (Kalanithi Maran) has done, it is so fulfilling and gives out pleasure and happiness. I think Kala Sir can now start astrology as well (laughs). He predicted to that extent. If I go into detail, it will seem like an over-praise but it is a fact actually.


First I saw the film without any notions. After we all watched the film, when discussions were going on (Sun Pictures' executive producers) Sembian and Kannan have gone to (Kalaniti Maran). Kannan has said the film turned out to be very good; He was told 'you are Nelson's friend, you'd say that only.' When Sembian was asked his opinion, he has said, "average Sir" [the gathering is shocked at this open confession, Rajini laughs and proceeds]. But to be frank with you, before RR (re-recording), I personally felt (Jailer was) above average. The way out Ani(rudh) lifted this movie..(gathering cheers)..My God. Really he took it as a challenge. He is my son. He was determined to give me a hit, give his friend Nelson a hit..A Jailer which was equivalent to a bride before getting ready for marriage, was given a full bridal makeover by Anirudh. Superb. Superb.


Of all the technicians that worked on Jailer, I never truly expected cameraman (Vijay) Karthik (Kannan) to give an effect of this level. He came, he shot..I never understood his way of work till I saw the film. He is a busy cameraman. After the film was completed, he stayed in Bombay (Mumbai) for 30 days to check every reel, every frame to bring out the effect he brought (in Jailer). That is superb.


And then editor (R. Nirmal)..My God..When the movie was edited and shown, those effects..superb. Then (Stunt) Siva. First when they said Siva (for action choreography), I was a little scared. Siva shouldn't misunderstand me. I was scared because he has done Telugu films with Balayya which had intense action scenes. I was scared if he would want me to do the same here (in Jailer). But (to my relief) he gave whatever Nelson particularly asked, and went one step ahead of how realistic Nelson wanted it (the action scenes) to be. He has executed it well to that extent.


If you see the assistant directors these days, each one of them looks like a hero. It is difficult to differentiate..They withstand every command from those in the direction team..especially our associate director Bhargavi who holds the reign to this command force. Costume Designers (Pallavi Singh, Muthul Hafeez) paid attention to detail while working with each one of us. 


Jailer has become a mega hit but I was happy only for 5 days. Hit, Wow, Superhit was a feeling that lasted only 5 days. After 5 days, my mind went onto the next picture and into tension mode. I was tensed about how to give a hit beyond or even equivalent to Jailer. Expectations will be to that level. Really I am telling you I am extremely tensed because of the same. Because when I did Baasha (1995)..Ah that reminds me.. I have to tell you this..


Kala Sir was the first one to see the movie (Jailer). Anirudh had asked him if the movie will be the next Petta (2019). To this Kala Sir has said, "Forget Petta, Jailer is the 2023 Baasha". After this he said at the (Jailer) audio (launch) fucntion, "The film will be a megahit, record maker". To openly commit by making such a statement in public isn't a small thing for a producer. Which is why I said he could become a big astrologer. 


Going back to the Baasha days, when Baasha became a hit even back then I was planning and doing only one film a year. After Baasha's hit, I thought I shouldn't do modern movies and get stuck. So I did Muthu (1995), a period picture which was way different from Baasha. Now my next picture with Lyca Productions is a modern picture. I am obviously tensed but I thought if i am so tensed how much tension will (director) Nelson have.  


Sometimes things go our way. (Jailer) is a product of what we all have done. By God's grace, and for everyone's kind heart, everything fell in place. Jailer's a historic picture. 60%,70%,80% of Jailer's effect will reach everyone's next picture. Everyone has gotten a moral boost because of it. Everyone get this belief that anything can be achieved with a producer like Kalanithi Maran, a director like Nelson and the technicians who've worked on this film. 


Among those who acted, even our Shivarajkumar, Jackie Shroff, Mohanlal came and acted beautifully without any problems. Nelson is truly an example for how to utilize an actor who's come for a cameo and how to bring glory to that actor using that cameo. Even if they had come for a short time, they left an impact and for that I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks. 


Every small character is being enjoyed by audience everywhere. Even after the film has come on OTT, people are walking into theaters to enjoy the movie. There is a celebration. That is Nelson's cognizance. Hats off to his excellent sense about everything. 


I used to keep telling this to Nelson while doing the film; he hasn't watched Sholay or knows Sholay (1975) so I showed him the movie. How Sholay's Gabbar Singh (iconic villain character played by later Bollywood actor, director Amjad Khan) was, how much of a sensation the film was in '75, I had said this Varma (villain character played by actor Vinayakan in Jailer) will become that much of a sensation. Vinayakan is not here today; He was superb. Ramayanam gets its glory and respect because of someone like Raavanan. Similarly Jailer gets its respect because of Varma. His performance was that good.


Everyone who has acted on this film and technicians who have worked have put in a good job. Lastly Sunil, Ramya (Krishnan), Tamannaah (Bhatia), (Vasanth) Ravi, thank you to everyone. They are all great. If I have left out anyone's name please forgive me. Oh yes Rithvik (child artiste/youtuber who plays Rajinikanth's grandson in Jailer), thank you very much."


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