Cool Suresh forces garland on lady anchor! Tamil Twitter enraged

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Sep/2023

Cool Suresh forces garland on lady anchor! Tamil Twitter enraged

Cool Suresh is a name one cannot escape if one is part of the Tamil online community, especially the movie section. An actor who often gets hired to do small background roles in big productions, Cool Suresh is also a YouTube movie reviewer whose style of presenting content is what is described by the online generation as 'unhinged'. The actor/Youtuber who has a history of using misogynistic language, irked the Tamil audience recently with an action of his.


Attending the audio slash movie launch function of a small budget film titled Sarakku, Cool Suresh walked on stage with a garland in hand and forced it upon the lady host of the event, without warning. The visibly shaken host who was standing beside Cool Suresh tried to maintain her composure, and Cool Suresh proceeded to ask if she got upset with his actions, with no remorse whatsoever.


While those familiar with Cool Suresh's 'usual antics' claimed that this incident may very well be staged for bringing publicity to the lesser known movie, others were enraged over this clear abuse, and were grossed that any kind of publicity hunger would go to this extent for promotions.  



Actor Mansoor Ali Khan who is the main link to Sarakku movie [producer, actor of the film] made Cool Suresh apologize on stage citing the significance of putting a garland on a woman in Tamil culture (the gesture is traditionally reserved only for weddings and the accepted form of presenting a woman garland is giving it in her hands). Cool Suresh though apologized, maintained that he did not know this presenting-females-garland etiquette, and tried to brush it as a jovial gesture towards the lady anchor amidst her protests. [Cool Suresh said he'd been chatting casually with her at the event ever since he arrived and she protested on the negative]. 


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