Leo single Badass makes Vijay fans go 'Anil'rudh!

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Sep/2023

Leo single Badass makes Vijay fans go 'Anil'rudh!

To the unversed, 'Anil' (meaning squirrel in English) is a nickname for actor 'Thalapathy' Vijay's fandom online. Tamil pop culture history says that the term was coined, after Vijay's filmmaker father SA Chandrasekar famously said that his son's contributions to AIADMK retaining power in 2011 Tamil Nadu, was similar to the squirrels from Ramayanam [Hindu epic], who contributed to build the bridge for Lord Rama to cross the sea and reach Lanka. 


For quite a while 'Anils' was disparagingly used to mock Vijay fans before the MZ generation took the term and owned it. These days 'Anil' is flaunted as a badge of being a hardcore Vijay fan. Recently this badge was passed onto Tamil music composer Anirudh [whether he wanted it or not], after Vijay fans found the second single of upcoming October 19 release - Leo, impressive. 


Amidst reactions of elation and celebratory memes, Badass song has lead fans of 'Thalapathy' Vijay to affectionately claim Anirudh as 'Anil'rudh, meaning he is being welcomed into the Vijay fan club.  Worth mentioning here that actor Vijay was one of the first big non-family stars to work with Anirudh, early in the music director's career.


Also worth mentioning here that owing to the back to back hits Anirudh delivers for feature films, there is a fierce competition online about which star actor the composer is more a fan of. [Anirudh's social media cover picture displays loyalty to his uncle-in-law 'Superstar Rajini']. 



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