Raththam: All about Vijay Antony, CS Amudhan's crime drama

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/Oct/2023

Raththam: All about Vijay Antony, CS Amudhan's crime drama

Raththam starring the multi-faceted Vijay Antony in the lead, is an upcoming crime drama that is all set to hit theater screens on October 6, 2023. Before the film's release, the makers have unveiled a sneak peek video , and it showcases a new glimpse of the political-criminal nexus the film is set around.



Writer, director CS Amudhan of Thamizh Padam (2010, 2018) fame has helmed Raththam, with Infiniti Film Ventures producing it. Mahima Nambiar, Nandita Swetha, Ramya Nambeesan play female leads in the movie, and its technical crew includes Kannan Narayanan for music, Gopi Amarnath for cinematography, Dhilip Subbarayan for action stunts, Senthil Raghavan for art, Shimona Stalin for costume design and T.S. Suresh for edits.


Athisha, Karkibava, Thozhar Aathi have been credited as the 'writing team' of Raththam, whereas the film's song lyrics are penned by Yuga Bharathi, Arivu, Uma Devi, K.Chandru. Raththam will also have a dubbed release in Telugu, and the Telugu dialogues, lyrics are written by Bashashree. 



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