Do not watch Chithha on OTT, says Siddharth

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Oct/2023

Do not watch Chithha on OTT, says Siddharth

Writer, director SU Arun Kumar who has only worked with Vijay Sethupathi as his lead [Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014), Sethupathi (2016), Sindhubaadh (2019)], teamed up with actor Siddharth for the first time for a movie titled Chithha. The film also produced by Siddharth released in theaters on September 28, 2023 without much fan-fare but gathered a ton of attention post release. 


At this time, Siddharth and team met with the press and the actor, producer had a special request for the cine audience. Siddharth said,  


"Our film Chithha has crossed the first weekend, first week and has collected even more in the second weekend, second week. It is a sign not only of a good movie but of a successful film. I take this opportunity to convery a big thanks to Red Giant Movies.  Because they have been continually giving good movies as a distribution company.  You all know we released alongside 2 big films. For them (Red Giant Movies) to have trusted us, and for us to be the last man standing (in theaters)...So we are the No: 1 family film of this weekend. Yesterday in Tamil Nadu, in terms of box-office collections Chithha stood at No: 1. So thank you to all..


Like (SU) Arun (Kumar) said, this is not a passing film..Please do not wait for it to come on OTT. Chithha is not a film to be watched on OTT while fiddling with the phone. It is not a film to be watched in solitary. It's a film to be watched in theaters with family, with kids. Because for the first time in my career, I have witnessed a success silence in theaters. Generally if the audience is silent in theaters, one wonders if the film has not translated well to the people watching it, But Arun Kumar has particularly tried to create this silence with this film. So if you go to the theaters, you will witness that no one is in a hurry to leave, everyone's waiting till the end credits roll. This film leaves that much of an impact on the viewer. Do experience that impact in theaters. 


I once again say that this is a film to be watched without batting an eyelid. Most importantly ladies, mothers and parents..This film has been taken in accordance to their taste and will not disturb them or their kids in any manner. Because it is a film about child protection, we are the ones saying do not give the phone in the child's hand. So do not enable your child with a phone to watch this film on OTT. Everyone sit and watch this film together on OTT. Celebrate good films. Only if you people celebrate, producers like me will get even more courage (to make films like these)."


Chithha is a shortened form of 'Chithhappa', which is the Tamil word for a paternal uncle who is the younger brother of one's father. The movie is centered around the bond between an uncle and his kid niece, while touching on sensitive subjects like child sexual abuse.


Nimisha Sajayan, child actor Sasha Shree, Anjali Nair co-star in Chittha, which has songs by Dhibu Ninan Thomas, Santhosh Narayanan and background score by Vishal Chandrasekhar. The technical crew also includes Balaji Subramanyam for cinematography, Suresh A. Prasad for edits.  

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