Vijay's father SA Chandrasekhar criticizes Lokesh Kanagaraj

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jan/2024

Vijay's father SA Chandrasekhar criticizes Lokesh Kanagaraj

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj who has given Master (2021) and Leo (2023) with Vijay, recently was put on blast by Vijay's filmmaker father SA Chandrasekhar during a public event. Speaking at this stage, SAC - as Vijay's father is commonly known, shared an incident that happened five days before Leo's release.


SAC did not mention Leo or Lokesh Kanagaraj by name, but his statements were enough hints to reveal whom SAC was referring to. 

"In recent times, I watched a movie and made a call to the director and appreciated him saying 'Sir first half is so super. It should be learnt from you how a film should be made'. I was saying such things and he was listening. 


'Second half was a bit not okay Sir' - As soon I said this, he said 'Sir I am eating right now.' Till then he was listening intently and never said he was eating. As soon as I said second half is not okay..And all this is 5 days before (the film's release) that I've seen the first copy (And given him the feedback).


'Sir such religions (Christianity) don't have such beliefs (black magic). That too a father himself doing (actions like killing his) own child..' (said SAC to which the director replied:) 'Sir I am eating right now, I will call you later sir'. He cut the call. He didn't call back after that.


But after the film's release everyone mocked it (the black magic angle) to the core."  



It is worth mentioning here that SA Chandrasekhar is known to be candid with the feedback of his son Vijay's choices, movies and the directors making them. Even a strained relationship with Vijay has never deterred the veteran filmmaker from being objectively critical of directors like Nelson Dilipkumar [for Beast] or Lokesh Kanagaraj.  


As for Leo, Lokesh Kanagaraj himself has admitted to the film's second half having 'slow portions'. However the filmmaker justified the black magic angle by stating that it was inspired by something he read in the newspaper before the film's scripting, and that some details were connected to another film he has in the plans for the Leo/LCU [Lokesh Cinematic Universe] franchise. 

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