Crakk: Vidyut Jammwal Vs Social media critic + Hindi film tracker

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Feb/2024

Crakk: Vidyut Jammwal Vs Social media critic + Hindi film tracker

To the South Indian film audience, Vidyut Jammwal is a familiar face/name, for the actor has appeared in multiple popular movies like Billa II (Tamil), Thuppaki (Tamil), Anjaan (Tamil), Sakthi (Telugu) and Oosaravelli (Telugu). Vidyut Jammwal has turned film producer off late and his latest release is a Hindi movie titled Crakk (February 23, 2024), in which he also plays the lead. 


A half-Malayali, the Jammu born-and-raised Vidyut Jammwal recently took to the X platform to expose a social media film critic plus Bollywood tracker named Sumit Kadel, after Vidyut was called a 'rude outsider', 'a mad man', 'who is not a star' but 'thinks of himself as a Bruce Lee, Jacky chan' by Kadel. 


Vidyut Jammwal's X post indicates disagreement between the two parties over a paid review for Crakk, and ever since the Hindi film twitter has been siding with the actor over Sumit Kadel. Sumit Kadel, on his part put up his side of the story by stating that he might have asked a question that did not sit right with Vidyut Jammwal during a press conference for Crakk.


Sumeet Kadel's X Post on February 27, 2024

"Unveiling the Unpleasant Encounter with this actor !! On organizers invitation , I found myself in a press meet Seated alongside fellow journalists, I awaited my turn to engage with the film's lead actor. As the conversation started , I asked him about the his absence in action films alongside with other prominent action stars. Little did I anticipate the storm that my question would unleash. His demeanor shifted, and what ensued was a display of unparalleled rudeness and hostility. I shockingly watched as he launched into a tirade of bizarre arguments, attempting to humiliate me in front of few people. Stunned by his behavior, I could scarcely comprehend the sudden turn of events. In a feeble attempt to salvage the situation, he dismissed his outburst as a jest, chalking up my discomfort as a lack of sense of humor in me . However, the damage was already done, leaving me shaken and disheartened by the unexpected attack. In the aftermath of our encounter, I felt compelled to share my experience, albeit without mentioning anyone’s name . Venting my frustrations through a post, I hoped to shed light on the unpleasant reality that unfolded behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. Yet, my efforts to bring attention to the issue were met with baseless allegations and further attempts to discredit me by this actor whom i not named in my post. Faced with such unfounded attacks, I could no longer remain silent, compelled to defend my integrity and shed light on the disturbing behavior I had witnessed. It is my sincere hope that by sharing my story, I can raise awareness and caution my fellow journalists about the potential pitfalls of encounters with this individual whose state of mind may warrant medical attention. I do not want to indulge in any further arguments in this matter.."(sic)

However there seems to be no calming the Twitterati for now, as they have been spotted bringing up past dissatisfactions with Sumit Kadel's verified handle. For instance, fans of actor Rajinikanth have noted that Sumit Kadel's verified handle was part of the paid social media campaign that tried to make 'Superstar Vijay' a thing.

Superstar is a tag that has been synonymous with Rajinikanth since 1978, and in the context of Tamil films has been used exclusively as a moniker for the actor. However in the late 2010s when Rajinikanth was doing less films, people did try to disrespect the actor's legacy by trying to "pass on" the title, while he was still alive and kicking.    


The Hukum song from Rajinikanth's 2023 blockbuster Jailer, famously addressed this topic in its lyrics and actor Vijay too put an end to the same by reiterating last year, "There is only one Superstar." 

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