The Greatest of All Time director calls out a Vijay fan on X

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Mar/2024

The Greatest of All Time director calls out a Vijay fan on X

The Greatest of All Time (The GOAT) is an upcoming sci-fi action thriller written and directed by Venkat Prabhu, and starring actor Vijay in the lead. The GOAT is actor Vijay's penultimate movie before his full fledged dive into politics, and it also marks the first collaboration between Venkat Prabhu and the lead star.


Recently, director Venkat Prabhu took to X to seemingly call out the use of expletives against him by a Vijay fan while demanding an update on the film. The Greatest Of All Time filmmaker cool-headedly quoted the tweet, and teased the Vijay fandom by stating, 



OP: "It has been a week since you said too early. hey *expletive* leave an update @vp_offl"

Venkat Prabhu: "I was thinking of telling (an update). Now how after this is something you guys only tell Vijay brother bloods"   


Fans who got the hint did not fail to apologize Venkat Prabhu over the unnecessary use of expletive towards the director. They also seemed to make do with Venkat Prabhu by encouraging the director to focus on making the film rather than exposing the fandom on X. 


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