Amaran: Sivakarthikeyan, Major Mukund Varadarajan, Madhavan & More

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Apr/2024

Amaran: Sivakarthikeyan, Major Mukund Varadarajan, Madhavan & More

[Updated: April 25, 2024] Amaran titled after the 1992 Karthik starrer, and starring Sivakarthikeyan in the lead is an upcoming Kamal Haasan production. The movie with screenplay, direction by Rajkumar Periyasamy of Rangoon (2017) fame, is an adaption of India's Most Fearless - True Stories of Modern Military Heroes book, written by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh.


Amaran specifically focusses on Chapter 7 of India's Most Fearless; 'I Got Hit. I Can't Believe It' is an account of how Chennai based Major Mukund Varadarajan braved the impossible, and took down three terrorists, in the company of just one more soldier named Sepoy Vikram Singh. This chapter on the fateful Shopian encounter is recounted by Col. Amit Singh Dabbas, who was Mukund V's CO. 


Interestingly, Amit Singh Dabbas also reveals that Mukund V was known by 'Maddy' in the unit, and it was him who christened the late major with the name. "I thought he looked like the spitting image of the film actor Madhavan. Maj. Varadarajan was also from Chennai. So I called him Maddy and the name stuck", the Colonel has been quoted as stating in the book. 


File photo (L: Major Mukund Varadarajan (Late) R: A young actor Madhavan) 


Amaran has Sivakarthikeyan playing 'Maddy', and the movie is currently headed towards beginning the final schedule of shooting. It is expected that Amaran's last schedule will be filmed this week (April 26, 2024), and go on till May 15, 2024.



The movie also starring Sai Pallavi as Indhu Rebecca Vardhese (Mukund V's wife), and Bhuvan Arora as Sepoy Vikram Singh, plans to wrap shooting by June, 2024. Amaran has GV Prakash Kumar for music and is expected to release in theaters in August/September. 

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